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Andrew Goodwin's analysis By Ellena Moore & George Lawrence

Andrew goodwin juliet (lawson)

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  • 1. Andrew Goodwin's analysis By Ellena Moore & George Lawrence

2. Andrew Goodwin British Received a PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Birmingham Currently working in the University of San Francisco Wrote a book about analysing music videos, titled: Dancing in the distraction factory And currently working on a book about Led Zeppelin 3. Andrew Goodwin Andrew Goodwins main theories on Music videos consisted of: All videos have specific genre characteristics There are always themes of voyeurism Always a need to sell the artist Intertextuality references to other products A relationship between the lyrics and the video A relationship between the music and visuals 4. Juliet - Lawson In this PowerPoint we will be analysing the music video for Lawsons new single Juliet. We have chosen to focus on this video in particular as it reflects many of Andrew Goodwin's theories and has provided us with inspiration for our initial ideas that we will put forward in our own video. There are similarities between this video and our initial idea, for example the time period and costume of the characters which is based on the 1920s. Furthermore, the location, a gentlemen's club, is also something we would like to re-create. 5. Genre characteristics Pop band Mid shots of separate band members with instruments Constant referrals to the lead singer Often a narrative Cuts to the beat 2 situations, shots of the band performing cutting to shots of a narrative Narrative consists of band acting as themselves or as fictional characters Lyrics matching to the action in the shots Fashionable, often explicit costume Dramatic locations Often perform on-stage Close-ups to show artists passion for music and expressions 6. Juliet - LawsonTime: 00.00- 00.03 Time: 00.03- 00.05 Shot Type: Wide-shot to establish the location and acts as a POV of the character from the previous shot. Shot Type: Mid-shot, protagonist is central in the shot making her the main focus instantly. Lyric: INSTRUMENTAL Lyric: INSTRUMENTAL Analysis: This shot has been used to establish the location for this video. A gentlemens club in a 1920s style. A 1920s theme is an interesting choice as it was the period that the music video was first established with musicians such as Bessie Smith accompanying their music with a visual aspect. Edit: By placing this shot directly after the previous one indicates that this could be a Point of View shot. And by its editing together shows that she is hiding behind the newspaper in order to analyse her true desire. Analysis: This shot references Andrew Goodwins theory on voyeurism used within music videos. Here we see a shot of a character hidden by a newspaper. The viewer gets the feeling of looking in on a private act but we also get the feeling that the person behind the newspaper may be looking for something other than the pages. Is this character a voyeur? Edit: This video focuses entirely on the narrative which is unusual but works well in this location that has various different spaces such as the audience and the stage. This establishing shot is slow and static with no lyrics or harsh music to yet mirror. 7. Juliet - LawsonTime: 00.50- 00.51 Time: 01.53- 01.54 Shot Type: Close up central shot of the groups lead singer Shot Type: Mid-shot revealing and promoting the band members Lyric: You will lose control Lyric: Oh-oh-ee-ooh Analysis: Andrew Goodwin felt that a good professional music video needs to constantly sell the artist. Therefore, by this videos constant referrals to the band and close-ups of its members. The videos focus on the bands promotion is maintained. Consisting of good looking members means interest from young girls instantly boosting sales. Edit: Match cuts are used to edit this sequence together cutting between head shots of the lead singer and the narratives protagonist Juliet intensifying as it progresses until the cuts slow down and the chorus has been reached. Analysis: This is one of the first shots that invites the viewer to see the whole band. They have a very distinguished image here with alternative clothing but are drawn together through similar materials and fashion garments. This gives the group a unique look while adding to the self- promotion. Edit: This part of the song has a strong beat and drum allowing shots to be cut together with this beat, adding to the viewing experience and reflecting the views of Andrew Goodwins music video conventions. 8. Juliet - LawsonTime: 00.36- 00.38 Time: 02.18- 02.20 Shot Type: Over the shoulder voyeuristic wide-shot of Juliet and middle-aged man Shot Type: Close-up of narrative protagonist (Kelly Brooks) Lyric: Nothing wrong in these allegations Lyric: All she wants is gold Analysis: This is another shot that represents the voyeur ideas of Andrew Goodwin but also displays the intertextuality that this video presents. It shares the same costume and similar locations that The Great Gatsby 2013 has brought back into the public interest. Edit: Back at the chorus the video goes back to fast paced cutting which often happens too fast to fully comprehend the content but makes for repeat viewing as the audience want to be able to digest as much information as possible. Analysis: Intertextuality allows the audience to take more away from the media than what is blatantly obvious through referring to other media texts. The use of the famous model and TV personality Kelly Brooks instantly engages the viewer as they are eager to see how she performs and relates to the video. Furthermore, throughout the video, Kellys character has been made to replicate the looks and movement of the iconic cartoon character, Jessica Rabbit. This reference also brings to light the research conducted by Laura Mulvey The Male Gaze. Edit: This shot is long in comparison to the ones that surround it adding extra focus to the protagonist. 9. Juliet - LawsonTime: 03.16- 03.17 Time: 02.52- 02.52 Shot Type: Extreme close-up of drums being played Shot Type: A close-up two shot of band member and Juliet Lyric: 1234 Lyric: Nobody does it like Juliet Analysis: A further aspect of Andrew Goodwins analysis of music videos was that the content of the shot matches the music and not just the lyrics. This shot mirrors the strong drum beat of the backing track at this particular part of the song. With the drop of the drumstick on the drum at the right time making the video ever more realistic and appear like a live performance allowing the audience to connect with the artists more. Edit: This is an exceptionally short cut away from the other shots that help make this songs climax so dramatic but the video hits perfectly on the beat of the drum in the song Analysis: This shot represents how Andrew Goodwin was right about the content of the shots matching the lyrics of the song. For example, here the words of the song go, Nobody does it like Juliet which has been re-created in the scene through the seduction of a band member by Juliet. A shot like this also demonstrates the importance of lip-syncing and its need for perfect timing which is an element we will have to insist on to be perfect. Edit: Editing has also been employed to emphasise this lyric as a montage of shots have been used here showing Juliet flirting with various band members.