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By Kate Willson and Annabel Hughes Analyzing Print Products

Analyzing Print Products

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  • 1. By Kate Willson and Annabel Hughes

2. When I first looked at the Film Poster for the Sixth Sense, it seemed really dark andmysterious, this is because they have used dark colours for it. This is to reflect what the filmis really about it, its a Horror, so you wouldnt have bright colours such as yellow as thebackground, as this is seen as more of a happy colour opposed to a dark colour. The fontwhich is used on the poster as the films name is a very distorted/ scary font, its rather longand thin, its not bubble writing which you might see on a comedy film, the distorted font isone of the key signifiers in the text which classify it as part of the genre Horror. For the tagline font, it is just a basic Arial font, in white, this is so it stands out on the blackbackground, and also so it is very clear to read across the page, its bold and its a statement.For the Image, it is showing one of the main characters in a dark setting, but with a yellowlighting, this could be as a candle flame light, as on side of his face is lit, then the middle isntand then the other side is also lit. The image of Bruce Willis is a medium close up shot, heson the left hand side of the page, this makes him more dominant as this is where theaudiences eyes will be drawn to first. Then there is a smaller image of a number 6, as if it is abright light, it then has a child walking into it, the letter 6 is to show the sixth sense. Theinstitutional information is in very small font which goes across the bottom of the film poster ina paragraph, its in white, so it stands out against the black background and also works wellwith all the other text on the page as that is also in white. 3. The main image for the Film poster, is one of the mostimportant things about the poster, as it has to be eyecatching, but at the same time also represent what the filmis about. This image is very dark and spookylooking, which does represent what genre it is, which isHorror. It is a medium close up of the main characterlooking to the side, hes not looking into the camera, whichcould be more eye catching for the audience, as theywould think that he is looking at them, but maybes it makesit look more mysterious, that he isnt and you cant see hiseyes properly. Both sides of his friends are lit, but thecentre of his face is in darkness, its as if it is is a candlelight shining against his face. There is a letter Six which isbeing portrayed as a bright light, this could be seen as thelight before you die. There is a small boy walking into thesix, which is probably meant to be the main boy in the filmCole. The letter Six is for the Senses, which ties in withthe film and whats its about, which is that he can seedead people. 4. The main actors name is displayed across the top of the film poster, this is veryeye catching for the audience, as this will promote the film more, as fans ofBruce Willis will see this and want to go and see it because he is in it. The fontfor the actors name is very tall but skinny looking, its a bit distorted, whichwould relate it back to being a Horror film, because if you had big bubblewriting people wouldnt see it as being a scary film, theyd see it as beingmaybes a comedy. Females may also want to see the film more because he isseen as a good looking actor, and a strong person, so this will bring morepeople to go and see the film. 5. The Institutional Information is at the very bottom of the film poster, and its in verysmall writing, this is because its not the most important thing on the poster, so itdoesnt need to be displayed all across it in a large font. The whole point for theInstitutional Information is to show the producers name, camera men, some of theactors and what company it is with, and who its been directed by, so such asSpyglass Entertainment. 6. The title of the film is placed right below the main image, its on Bruces Clothing, but ona black background and because it is a white font it stands out even more on it. It is thesame font which is used for the main actors name Bruce Willis its portrayed as beinga scary, distorted font, as the letters are a bit off central and all different sizes, this is tomake it blend in with the genre of the film which is Horror and because the letters aretall and thin it makes it look even more spooky. 7. The tag line is a catching quote from the film or a statement about the film, theone they have used for The Sixth Sense is NOT EVERY GIFT IS ABLESSING and what they mean by that is, that the gift that Cole the maincharacter has, is that he has a sixth sense and that he can see deadpeople, but really its not really a blessing to have that gift, because especiallybeing a young age, it would be very scary and know one would believe you andit would be scary to actually see them. Its a bit of a play on words, because itisnt a gift you would probably like to have. The font that they have used forthis, is just a normal Arial font, its nothing fancy or distorted, its plain and itssimple, but it does the job, because it stands out on the black background withthe white font. 8. This magazine front cover really stood out to me, I think its because of the colour scheme that it has used, I love how the image is in black and white, it really stands out and looks very eye catching. I think the colours that they have used for the fonts as well, work so well, I think thats because they are simple colours, such as white and then the bright red to stand out the Sky Line. The image itself looks great it appeals to so many different people, it appeals to women, in a sexual way as he is seen as a good looking actor, but it also appeals to men because if they are fans of this certain actor, then they will see this and what film that he is promoting because he is in it, which will make the audience want to go and see it even more. The layout of the magazine looks very professional, the magazines name is spread out across the whole top of the magazines width , its very bold and readable, they have made it this clear and big, so the audience will see it and know what magazine it is. All of the Sell Lines seem very readable and bold, which is good for the audience so then they can see what articles will be in the magazine and what else will be in it, this is a great way to get people to buy the magazine, because they will read the front cover and see the sell lines, which may appeal to them, so they may end up buying the magazine. 9. This is the main image for the magazinecover Total Film I chose this magazinebecause of this image, I find it works sowell, I love how it is a very close upshot, you can see every detail of the actorsface, and the way that his head is pointingslightly downwards, but his eyes are staringstraight into the camera, is very eyecatching, it will make the audience think thathe is looking at them, so it will make themwant to buy the magazine. The fact that its ablack and white image as well, makes theimage stand out even more, becausenormally on a magazine front cover theimage is usually colour, but I think it lookseven more eye catching in black andwhite, it really caught my attention. 10. The Masthead is very clear and bold, its in a bold thick white font and then the Totalis smaller but it is cut out of the letter F, I think that works really well for themagazine, because if it was set out where it said Total Film the same size and font itwouldnt give the same effect because that would then take up more room of themagazine, so it looks so much better like this. It looks good how it goes across thewhole page and not just some of it, its very bold and eye catching and especially onthe black and white background. 11. The main sell line is very big and bold and this is because it is meant to attract the readers to itand stand out by being eye catching, the font is very clear in block letters, I think if it was fancywriting it wouldnt stand out as well and you wouldnt be able to read it very clear, I personallythink it wouldnt be as eye catching that way. The line underneath Star Trek covers the wholewidth of Star Trek which I think it makes it look more professional because I think if it stopped inthe middle of it it wouldnt stand out as much and look a bit un even. The word Coolest isunderlined, this works well as it is very eye catching and it draws your eyes into the wordCoolest. 12. These are the other sell lines which are around and about on the magazinefront cover, they are displayed down the sides of the actors face at theside, it doesnt block the image which is good because then it doesnt bringthe attention away from it and the effect. As they are in white block lettersthey stand out very well on the black and white background, they are veryreadable and I think that they are very eye catching as you can see themvery clearly. They are very short snappy phrases, some little lines from themagazine, this is so the audience can see what to expect inside themagazine. 13. The Sky Line is very bold and I think this is because its not in white like all the otherfonts on the page, its in a red block font. Its not a sentence, for the Sky Line its threedifferent movies listed, which are UP-Sherlock Holmes-Harry Potter 6, these filmsmust be the new ones out at the time, I think its effective how they have done it thisway, because its short and simple but very eye catching as well because people willsee it and want to read more about it inside the magazine. The Sky Line is positionedat the very top of the magazine cover, above the Magazine name. 14. The other extras on the Front cover of the magazine are the Date andissue of the magazine and how much it costs, this is also joined with themagazines website. This is in a very small font in white, but it is boldenough so the readers can clearly see it. Another item on the Front coveris a barcode this is for the shop, to know which ones are sold and to scan itto be sold, this is displayed very small at the bottom side of the page. Thelast bit to the Front cover is the Spine of the magazine, which displays themagazines name and issue, as well as some statement films.