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Text of Analysis of Final Destination

  • 1. Analysis of Final Destination 3 By Annette Christian 12CS2

2. Final Destination 3

  • Final Destination is an ongoing American sequel film
  • Genre is supernatural horror/ thriller
  • Plot derives from a teenager having a premonition of them self and others perishing from freak accident, therefore trying to run from death
  • The target audience are teens and young adults of both genders, as the main characters of this age group are represented in the film which again, is appealing
  • In our actual film, we will use a similar storyline to Final Destination but ensure the genre is thriller based


  • Final Destination film opening...


  • Film company logo usually seen before the actual film begins. Audience are aware of who produced film

5. Name of the film company, introducing Final Destination. 6. This is the first shot of the film and also the establishing shot. This shot establishes the setting that the first scene is set in an American theme park. Connotations derived from theme park are usually fun, exciting and even a sense of community which is appealing to the target audience.The setting also takes place at night and darkness is a connotation of the thriller genre 7. A low angle shot is used on a ride. The ride seems more intimidating, which may already be the case as the opening is set at a theme park but because of the genre, adds emphasis. The rides colour of lights are red, symbolising energy and speed, due to ride or danger, due to genre 8. The title of the film is bold, black and in capitals. Despite a serif font used, its still straightforward and easy to read and appeals to both genders. The colour black represents evil, fear, mystery, which are connotations of the thriller genre. Also an amusement park theme is used as the amusement park has significance to the plot of the film. 9. The amusement park theme is used throughout the beginning credits and conventions of a thriller, such as darkness. 10.

  • Amusement park theme present again
  • Close up of pin ball, associated with theme parks
  • DEATH written in black gives the sense of fear and mystery, associated with genre convention

11. This is a mid shot the main character, as it was the first shot of a character used, the audience acknowledge she is the one. A mid shot is used to be able to distinguish the character as she is the one leading narrative. 12. A three shot is used on the next set of characters shown. The three shot represents the relation between the them and shows they are friends.The costume codes reveal these characters are typical regular American teens.