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  • Prerequisites of PPCNAME: VIVEK JITENDRA PANCHALROLL NO : 1215139BATCH : A-4 SUBJECT : PPC PROJECT : Prerequisites of PPC

  • Why Prerequisites of PPC?

    Installing PPC department (not easy)

    Requires lots of preparatory work

  • Elements 1. Design data: Approved design of the productsDrawing of all partsSub-assemblies manufactured and purchased with bill of materials.

    2. Equipment data: Each type of machineTask which can be performedDifferent speed and feedsLimitations in terms of configuration

    eg: maximum tool travel, maximum depth of cut etc

  • Elements3. Performance standard (required): Machine set-ups (called set-up time).Regular production (called processing time).Process planner (optimum manufacturing process).Scheduler to determine individual machine capacity.Industrial engineering department.

    4. Raw material data:Information.List of jobs.Consideration of machining allowances.

  • Elements5. Tooling data: Standard cutting tools (drills, reamers, milling cutters, gear hobs)Standard machine aids (collets, work arbors, tool arbors)Special cutting tools (form tools, special hobs, gear shaping cutters)measuring instruments and gauges (verniers, bore dial plug gauges, snap gauges)

    6. Labour data:Information (skills, payment rates, qualification ,work experience)

  • Elements7. Tool life: a) Life spanb) Cost

    8. Economic lot size:Bigger lots (reduce set up cost but increase inventory investment)Smaller lots (reduce inventory investment but increases set up cost.)

    9. System for operating functions:Order preparationMaterial controlProcess planningPreparation of tool cardSchedulingDispatchingControlling production