What is meaningful learning?

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<ul><li> 1. What is Meaningful Learning?<br />Nicky Stratton<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Meaningful Learning<br />Requires learners who are active<br />Actively engaged by a meaningful task<br />Tasks which they can manipulate objects and parameters of the environment they work in<br />Observe the results of their manipulations.<br /> 3. Characteristics of Meaningful Learning.<br />Synergetic<br />One or more of these present = meaningful learning will occur.<br />Interrelated<br />Interactive<br />Interdependent<br /> 4. Active Learning<br />. Known as manipulative or observant<br />.Promotes thinking<br />.Learning is natural<br />.actively manipulating objects and observing what they have done.<br />.<br /> 5. Constructive Learning<br />Articulate/reflective learning<br />Encourage reflection on learning by children<br />Activity is necessary but not sufficient for learning.<br />Integrate new experiences with prior knowledge<br />Establish learning goals = meaningful learning.<br /> 6. Intentional Learning<br />Goal directed/Regulatory<br />User knows the end<br />Think and learn more by fulfilling their goal.<br />Using computers for planning everyday tasks learning meaningfully.<br /> 7. Authentic Learning<br />Complex/contextual<br />Realistic for children<br />Relevant / real life<br />Relate ideas to real-world contexts<br />Simulations or problem-based learning<br />Transferred to new situations<br />Create an authentic experience<br /> 8. Cooperative Learning<br />Collaborative/Conversational<br />Engaged<br />Group work/small groups<br />Naturally work together<br />Seek out others for help<br />Connect learners in same classroom, across town or around the world.<br /> 9. How does Technology Facilitate Learning?<br />Use the computer to represent what they know, not what the teachers or textbooks tell them!<br />Provides rich and flexible media for learning.<br />Think that technologies are learning tools that students learn with, not from = nature of learning will change!<br /> 10. Its all about the thinking!<br />Students learn from thinking<br />Thinking about what they are doing<br />Thinking about what they believe<br />Thinking about what others have done and believe<br />Just thinking and reasoning<br />LEARNING RESULTS FROM THINKING!<br /> 11. TECHNOLOGY ENGAGING LEARNERS<br />Technology cannot teach students<br />Learners teach the technology<br />Meaningful learning will result when technologies engage learners by:<br />Knowledge construction, not reproduction<br />Conversation, not reception<br />Articulation, not repetition<br />Collaboration, not competition<br />Reflection, not prescription<br /> 12. Finally<br />TECHNOLOGIES ARE LOUSY TEACHERS, BUT THEY CAN PROVIDE POWERFUL TOOLS TO THINK WITH!<br /></p>