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1. What do I need to do to get an A/A* grade? Video production: Shooting material which I use will be relevant to the set which I am using at the time of shooting. Show a controlled use of the camera and that if you want to create movement with the camera that you show it clearly and adequately. Make sure you pay attention to the framing timing hat you are using. Make sure that the mise-en- scene used it relevant to the shot type you are using, the scene/set and also make sure that it is conventional to the genre. Editing; make sure that editing is effective and meaningful to the shot type which you are using and also so that the audience can clearly see what you are meaning to do. Make use of effective shot transitions and shot sizes making sure they are the right length and not to long that they are boring. Record and edit sound effectively. Show Contribution towards the group Print Production: Make sure that the convention with the layout and page design is convention of the genre you are aiming at. Show good awareness of the need for variety within the fonts used and the size of the fonts which is very important. Accurate use of language and register (tone). The appropriate use of key ICT skills for the task set including the video production. Appropriate integration of illustration and text. Make sure that the key skills which I used last year to create an effective and conventional magazine are used this print production. Overall show a good understanding on how to create an effective production and also to couple this with an effective print production as well, make sure that I meet the conventions and follow to the key aspects.


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