Water Wise Home and Garden Tips - Oxnard, California

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Water Wise Home and Garden Tips - Oxnard, California


  • 1. Water WiseHome and Garden TipsSeven Steps to a California Friendly DemonstrationWater Conservations 3 Rs Water Wise GardenGarden Open to the Public1. Planning and Design: When selecting trees, shrubs, groundFollow the 3 Rules of water conservation Visit Oxnards California Friendly demonstration garden Discover California Friendlyoutside and inside your home. Its easy!covers, perennials and annuals for your garden, look for those and become inspired to create your own water wisethat naturally grow together and group them by water needs.garden. This demonstration garden is funded by theReduce2. Turf (Lawn): In the front yard, consider new ways to City of Oxnards Water Resources Division in partnership Use a broom to clean your driveway or sidewalk, not your hose. with the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Instead of letting the hose run when washing your car,increase curb appeal with minimal turf. Green lawns areuse a bucket or a hose nozzle shut off. Better yet, nd a the thirstiest plants of all. There are countless combinations Demonstration Garden Locationprofessional carwash that recycles water. of ground cover, shrubs, and perennials that can be used The South Oxnard Branch Library Run only full loads in the dishwasher. Only a few dishes? instead of turf. 4300 Saviers Road3. Choose Water Wise Plants: The City of Oxnard has aWash them by hand. Take shorter showers. The Water Resources Divisions goal is to continue Defrost frozen foods in the refrigerator overnight or inMediterranean climate, with an average annual rain fall of to create demonstration gardens throughout Oxnard,the microwave.14-16 inches. Fortunately, there are many plants to choose with unique designs and low maintenance features. Turn off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth.from that are well suited to areas of low annual rainfall. While waiting for hot water, capture the cold water in aFor more ideas check out the gardening section at one of For more information on rebates and conservationcontainer to use on your houseplants. Oxnards Libraries and visit www.bewaterwise.com.tips contact Oxnards Water Conservation Outreach4. Improve Soil: Most soils in the Oxnard area are sandy Composting saves water, reduces food waste, adds Services at (805) 385-8339.nutrients to soil and improves water absorption. Fordiscount compost and worm bins*, call the Environmental or heavy clay and need to have organic matter added toResources Division at 385-8060. improve their condition. Compost and manure will help thesoil absorb more water. This is an important initial step andRepairit will never be easier to do than before you begin planting. Wondering Who to Call?5. Mulch: Mulch provides a protective layer that when Check for toilet leaks and replace worn out toilet appers. Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints inside and outsideyour home. Contact the Public Works Call Center at 385-8136:placed over the soil locks in moisture, moderates soil tem- Streets, Trafc Signs & Markingsperature and suppresses weeds.Retrot Trafc Engineering6. Appropriate Irrigation Methods: Most home landscapes Install a smart controller for your irrigation system. Public Works Construction Projects Install WaterSense and ENERGY STAR appliances to save Water-related Inquiriesreceive more water than they need. Instead of over watering,both water and energy.install an automatic irrigation system that can deliver water Install a high efciency clothes washer. Rebates* onin adjustable increments. Adjust sprinklers as suggested Other Frequently Called Numbersqualied clothes washers are available.Printed on 25% Post Consumer Recycled paperfor each season. Use drip irrigation where feasible to water Install a hot water on-demand recirculation system.Environmental Resources (Refuse & Recycling) 385-8060specic plants without watering adjacent soil. This will also Make sure your house is equipped with low ow shower Wastewater 488-3517help prevent run off. Parks385-79507. Maintenance: No garden is maintenance free. Take prideheads, faucet aerators and toilets. Retrot your pre-1992 toilets with high-efciency toilets. 24-Hour Grafti Hotline385-8010Rebates* are available.Utility Billing385-7816in your water wise California Friendly garden, keep it free*Rebates and special offers are available to Oxnard residents for a of weeds and prune your plants as needed. When possible, limited time only or while supplies last.use organic material to amend soil and fertilize plants.www.ci.oxnard.ca.us

2. California Friendly LandscapingThere are many water wise plants to choose from for yourAdjust watering time for seasonal weather changes, and turn A patio that is not completely paved allows for more exibility toDo your part to conserve one of Californias most preciousCalifornia Friendly garden. Check out the South Oxnard the controller off when it rains. Better yet, install a smart control-create an enjoyable outdoor space. Start with identifying loca-natural resources, water. A California Friendly garden can Branch Library for gardening and landscaping books. Alsoler that automatically adjusts the watering time and frequencytions for your patio surfaces and planting areas. Install porousbe easily incorporated into your yard or patio to create avisit the Librarys Demonstration Garden for landscapebased on soil moisture, rain, wind, and evaporation rate. patio surfaces such as agstone set in gravel or paving stonesbeautiful, attractive, water wise retreat from the outside world. design and plant selection ideas. For a comprehensive set in sand which allow water to soak into the ground.California Friendly plant list and ready-to-use garden plans pre-Use bubblers, drip irrigation or low-volume spray heads inCareful planning and preparation are key elements to con- pared by landscape architects, visit www.bewaterwise.com. planter beds and shrub areas. Suggested Water Wise Plantssider when designing your garden. Use the Seven Steps Anchoring Plantsto a Water Wise garden discussed in this brochure to help Suggested Water Wise Plants An irrigation system that has leaks, broken parts and is notNew Zealand Flax (Phormium Jack Spratt) New Zealandfunctioning properly can be the biggest water-waster of all.Flax is a low growing, grass-like perennial that can reachyou get started. Be creative when designing your garden,TreesInspect and repair your irrigation system on a regular basis. 1.5 feet tall.and have fun! Carrotwood (Cupaniopsis anacardioides) Carrotwoodis a fast growing evergreen tree that grows to a height of 35 feet. Do not forget to mulch: apply a 3-inch layer of mulch orFiller PlantsKeep in mind, a successful garden is lled with plants that compost around plants to promote plant growth, reduceShrubsRosemary (Rosmarinus Huntington Carpet) Rosemarynaturally thrive in your area. A thoughtful garden design evaporation and suppress weeds.Agave (Agava attenuata) Agave is a striking succulent is a ground cover with light blue owers. It is cultivated forand appropriate watering schedule are the main meanswhich develops a stout trunk 5 feet tall. its culinary and ornamental value.to conserve water, reduce maintenance, and lower your If you plan on installing a new walkway, choose porouswater bills.materials such as paving stones, set in sand or gravel. Tickseed (Coreopsis grandiora Flying Saucer) Tick-Blue Hibiscus (Alyogyne huegelii) Blue Hibiscus is anevergreen shrub that grows 5 to 8 feet tall and wide. This allows water to drain naturally into the ground, and seed is a fast growing herbaceous perennial with greenSingle Family Homes will help avoid unnecessary runoff which contributes to leaves and striking yellow blooms.Select a garden to meet your familys needs: choose a land- Ground Covererosion and pollution.Trailing Plantsscape for entertaining, a family landscape with play areas, orBeach Strawberry (Fragaria chiloensis) Beach Straw-a low maintenance landscape for people with busy schedules. berry is a ground cover which produces white owers in spring.Apartments and Condominiums Creeping Thyme (Thymus serpyllum) Creeping Thymeforms a dense, fragrant green mat 3 inches high, andA well designed yard or patio encourages a variety of activitiesDesigning an outdoor living area in a small space can beGrasses and Grass-Like Plants blooms in spring and summer.from entertaining to relaxing.challenging. Planting water wise plants in garden containersGiant Feather Grass (Stipa Gigantea) Giant Featherwill allow you to enjoy nature on your patio, while conservingLantana (Patriot Classic Passion) Lantana hasConsider reducing lawn areas, which have twice the water re-Grass forms an evergreen clump 3 feet high and wide.water. These suggestions can help your space be beautiful vibrant colored owers and is heat tolerant.quirements of many other plants. Most people tend to over wa- and water wise.ter their yards; do not let this happen to you! Learn when andOther ConsiderationsShrubshow much to water.for a Water Wise Garden If your patio is paved, use containers and ower basketsSkyrocket Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum) SkyrocketCreate a watering schedule tailored to your garden, and set yourfor your planting areas. Select a single anchoring plant that Juniper is ideal for a patio that is not completely paved. ItWhen choosing plants for your garden, consider soil type, water sprinkler controller accordingly. If both turf areas and shrubs can live year after year. Situate ller plants around the talleris striking planted in clusters along a fence or wall, and isneeds and sun exposure. Start the framework of your garden by are watered by the same sprinkler, they will receive the same anchoring plant and surround the edges with trailing plants suitable where space is limited. It grows 12 to 15 feet tallselecting trees, shrubs, and ground covers. Then ll your land- amount of water - whether they need it or not.that hang gently over the sides of the container. Us