Visual poetry for language

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  1. 1. Visual Poetry
    By: Rojo Nikolai G. Bartolome
    VI- St. Crispin
  2. 2. Quadrilateral
    A square, A square!
    Its everywhere! From the
    Ground to the sky! Youll see
    some squares by! A rhombus, A
    rhombus! Its everywhere! From li-
    ttle earrings to great skyscrapers. Youll
    even see them in little crumpled papers! Im
    sure youve seen other shapes than these! And
    Im sure youve seen quadrilaterals in other scenes
    Theyre important shapes in the world of Math! But the-
    re are also other shapes other than that. So Explore the
    world And discover other shapes! Be a little Einstein in the
    World of shapes.
    An original visual poem by: Rojo Nikolai G. Bartolome
    Hope You Enjoyed