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PowerPoint PresentationEnhance Your Course:Discussion BoardHow to Use Online Discussion Board Tools to Truly Get Your Students Interacting and ThinkingTransformGet Them TalkingLet them have funno standard ice-breakers here! Let them discuss course assignmentseven testsThis can help the instructor eavesdrop and check for understandingShare relevant clips that support and extend course contentThe instructor will need to monitor and guide the discussionno student left outUse Ice-Breakers to Not Only Introduce but to Learn a Tool Students will be shown commercials in which to identify and analyze the following elements: Summary Statement (Thesis Statement) Key Points (Supporting Information) Credibility Audience Various Persuasive Elements *A link to the commercial will be provided on Blackboard/Moodle or other means so that the students may view the commercial multiple times if needed. Old Spice Commercial (humor): Subaru Commercial (Emotional): Suave Shampoo (Expert): Dawn Dish Brush (Informative):