URISA GIS-Pro: Digging Deeper, Digging In Numbers

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This slideshow used in closing session at 2010 International URISA GIS-Pro Conference, Orlando, Florida

Text of URISA GIS-Pro: Digging Deeper, Digging In Numbers

  • 1. Digging Deeper
    Digging in Numbers
    Zsolt Nagy, GISP #15555
  • 2. Digging DeeperDigging in Numbers
  • 3. Digging DeeperDigging in Numbers
    One Government - Governance - One Map
    Advocacy and Organization
    Conference Priorities and Directions
  • 4. Digging DeeperIdeas, Organization, Collaboration, Time
    Steven Johnson
    Where Good Ideas Come From
  • 5. One Government - Governance - One Map
    Advocacy and Organization
    Conference Priorities and Directions
    One Government - One Map
  • 6. Hurrah for all the. neMaps
    URISAs ESIG Awards recognize exceptional achievements in the application of information technology that have improved the delivery and quality of government services. URISA is pleased to announce the winners of this years ESIG Awards.
    Systems in this category are outstanding and working examples of using information systems technology in a multi-department environment as part of an integrated process. These systems exemplify effective use of technology yielding widespread improvements in the process(es) and/or service(s) involved and/or cost savings to the organization.
    2010 ESIG Winner:
    OneMap - A Multi-Agency Window for Geospatial Information and Service Delivery Singapore Land AuthoritySubmitted by: Lim Ming Khai, Head, GeoSpatial Operations & Development, GeoSpatial Division, Singapore Land Authority
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  • 8. Your plan arkansas plan $15,000,000
    Endorsed by county commissioners
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  • 10.
  • 11.
  • 12. Governance
  • 13. Maturity ModelCannot manage what you cannot measure
  • 14. beyond the measuring..ROI
    We are sales people we need to sell what we do soft skills. To help expedite. GIS Pro Problem Session
  • 15.
    One Government - Governance - One Map
    Advocacy and Organization
    Conference Priorities and Directions
  • 17. What exactly is national geospatial?
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20. Published
    Structured Process
    Message Sustained over time
    Flexible Implementation
  • 21.
  • 22.
  • 23.
  • 24. Quickly learned we cant go it alone. Just one dissenting voice and the momentum could be lost or dead on arrival.
  • 25. Also, quickly learned that point to point affiliations can be effective, but is not enough and there is much overhead in managing multiple relationships.
  • 26. COGO
  • 27. One Government - Governance - One Map
    Advocacy and Organizat ion
    Conference Priorities and Directions
  • 28. URISA Chapter Roll Call
  • 29. Carolina ChapterJames Armstrong
    Lack of Training
    Lack of Understanding of GIS at Upper Management Level.
    Lack of Funding for direction.
  • 30. N. California ChapterDan Henderson
    Talk as if youre right
    Listen as if youre wrong
    Communication within membership is key and then leverage across national and international
    Survey Monkey worked nicely.
  • 31. N. Rockies ChapterDonna Phillips
    Mostly Idaho
    Mostly public sector survey replies
    Management needs to know about ROI and Benefits, Cost savings, including equipment
    Lack of Funds. If above is addressed then this becomes solved
  • 32. Alberta ChapterCindy Post
    Losing local pool.Private industry wants outsourcing. Dollars going overseas. ***
    Hiring and cutbacks. Example of 200 applicants for job opening
    Data rigor. People want fast and cheap. Losing the details of benefits for spatial data.
  • 33. Oregon Washington ChapterBob Hass
    Dealing with finances and lack of resources for software/hardware, No entry level jobs
    Keeping up with rate of change. Technology
    Management and Institutional issues. GIS is not fully utilized, IT is reluctant to acknowledge GIS
  • 34. Florida ChapterBill Walter
    Training. On-line. on your desktop training.
    Organizational lack of champions in the organizations. Training. GIS integration with business process
    Funding. Ties into above
  • 35. Quebec Chapter (25 years)YvanSevigny
    Lack of Funding
    Managers need to be better informed
  • 36. Arizona Chapter (1 month)Brian Sovik
    Economics, funding, travel, networking opportunities
  • 37. Ohio ChapterEmily Whitehead
    Funding cuts, staff cuts, training
    Survey monkey helpful to communicate benefits
  • 38. New England ChapterFeng Yang
    Data Issues, maintenance, lack of understanding, importance of data, interstate inconsistency, data sharing policy is not normalized. Lack of intergovernmental collaboration
    Funding - a-h, strategic plan, programming
    Workforce requirements for continuing professional and career development and training support
  • 39. Chicago Chapter?
    Non GIS Staff training
  • 40. Alaska ChapterLuke Boggess
    Funding. Need Lots of project funding.
    Industry doesnt share content
    USGS quads is only dataset they have statewide.
    Data Quality, Data Cost, Data Accuracy
  • 41. Mid Atlantic Chapter?
    Already began outreach program_ spoke to political leaders. Spring meeting. ***
    Working towards synergy within region
  • 42. Louisiana ChapterKatherine Cargo
    Lack of Leader Support for integrating GIS and breaking down the silo.
    Need tech support and resources to keep up with technology trends.
  • 43. Roll CallSummary Points
    Data Management and Quality
    Workforce Issues
    Executive Support
  • 44. Roll Call Corrections?
  • 45. Roll Call
    2 Days Later Thoughts?
  • 46. Roll Call
    As Chapter Leaders, how will you engage your community on AA beginning next week?
  • 47. Roll Call
    How will we twist the problems statements into constructive actionable agenda items?
  • 48. Stans Comments
    • Technical Obstacles
    • 49. Data Quality
    • 50. Laws and Regs