Unlocking potential

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Unlocking Potential

Unlocking PotentialEnding the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Number of suspension out of all U.S. studentsNumber of suspension out of all black U.S. students

The Problem

Mission: Unlocking Potential seeks to prevent middle and high school students from getting trapped in the school-to-prison pipeline by fostering supportive communities and providing opportunities for extracurricular learning and expression.

Program Goals



Participation in extracurricular activities reduces the likelihood that students will engage in risky behavior such as drug use and delinquency

- The Atlantic


Providing an education program for long-term suspended and expelled youth during periods of disciplinary removal would not only benefit the youth, it would also benefit the community and increase youth re-entry into traditional public school

- Team Child Advocacy

Students must be informed about the issues that affect their lives and become their own advocates.

- Interview with Dr. GriffinAdvocacy

Staff and Organizational Culture

Personal Relationships = Better Outcomes

Extensive Training Program

3:1 Student to Volunteer Ratio

Reaching our Client BaseAccessibility


Meals Provided

Recognition for Accomplishments

5-Year Plan

Financial PlanEstimated Costs(per 1, 5-week course)

Course supplies ($200-$1000)

Meals ($235)

Transportation ($210.75)

Facilities (provided by school)

Course supplies: estimated the rangeMeal cost: average school lunch times 2 (two meals a day), times 5 (five courses, one a week), times 10 (10 students on average)Transportation cost: average bus driver salary per hour times 1.5 (to account for overtime pay), times 2 (one hour in morning one at night), times 5 (five week course)14

Julie Kisaka

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