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For more information on the Universal Handheld Product Family, please visit www.dwyer-inst.com.


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2. What is it? Our Model UHH Universal Handheld Base Unit is a handheld display interface that communicates with probes or modules in order to detect a wide variety of parameters. Customers for the UHH include Air Balancing Contractors, Building Commissioning Agents, and Building Energy Management Specialist. 3. What makes it different than our other handhelds or competitors units? The UHH was designed to be the easiest to use and navigate through the menus. All probes and modules are available wired and wireless.Ergonomic Design to fit comfortably in most users hands.Lowest Price in Its Class! 4. Series UHH Base Unit Accepts 1 Wired Probe and/or 6 Wireless Probes or Modules Measures Differential Pressure, Air Velocity, Volumetric Air Flow, Humidity, and Temperature Internal Memory or External SD Memory Card for Logging Readings Re-Chargeable Lithium-Ion Battery for Hours of UsageFull Color OLED Graphical Display Shows Readings as a Meter, Gauge, or Strip Chart 5. Series UHH Base Unit Menus available in English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Italian Multiple English and SI engineering units available for each parameterErgonomic Shape Fits Most Hands ComfortablyMulti-functional Soft Keys for Easy NavigationSimple to Use 6. Languages: English, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish.Temperature Limits: 5 to 125F (-15 to 51C); 20 to 125F (-6 to 51C) for wireless operation. Battery Charging Limits: 32 to 113F (0 to 45C). Units Air Velocity: FPM, MPH, KN, M/H, M/S K/H, FPS. Units Flow: CFM, M3/HR, M3/S, GPM, GPH, GPD, LPS, LPM, LPH.Units Temperature: F, C. Resolution: 1 FPM, 0.1 MPS, 0.1 CFM & M3/HR; 0.1F & C; RH 0.1%. Display: OLED, color 240 x 320. Housing: Thermoplastic elastomer over polycarbonate. Power Requirements: 3 V BR1225 lithium ion battery. Wireless Distance: 50' (15 m). 7. Series WDPM Measures Differential Pressure, Static Pressure, Air Velocity, and Volumetric Air Flow Fits in Rear Pouch of UHHAvailable Magnetic Surface Mount BracketPush Button Logging 8. Ranges: 0 to 500 Pa up to 0 to 87 KpaThermal Effects: 0.01% FS/F (0.02% FS/C)Service: Non-corrosive dry gasesBattery Charging Limits: 32 to 113F (0 to 45C)Wetted Materials: Consult factoryPower Requirements: 3.7 V lithium ion batteryAccuracy: 0.5% FS span @ 25CWireless Distance: At least 50' (15 m)Temperature Limits: Compensated: 32 to 140F (0 to 60C) Process/Ambient: 14 to 140F (-10 to 60C).Connections: Two barbed connections for use with 1/8" (3.18 mm) or 3/16" (4.76 mm) ID tubing 9. Model AP1 (Wired) / AP2 (Wireless) Measures Air Velocity, Volumetric Air Flow, and Temperature Probe length is 203 mm (8) and has Metric and English Insertion Markings Primarily Used for Lower Flow Detection under m/s (200 FPM)Push Button to Trigger Logging (AP2 Only) 10. Temperature Limits: Process: -20 to 212F (29 to 100C); Ambient: 5 to 125F (15 to 51C). Range: Air Velocity: 0 to 6000 FPM (0 to 30 m/s); Volumetric Air: 999,999 in selected flow units; Temperature: -20 to 212F (-29 to 100C).Accuracy: Air Velocity: 3% FS within temperature range of 40 to 90F (4 to 32C); Temperature: 0.5F (0.28C).Response Time: 1 s. Probe Length: 8" (203 mm) insertion. Weight: 12.8 oz (378.54 g). 11. Model RP1 / RP2 Thermo-Hygrometer Probe Measures humidity, dew point, wet bulb temperature, and temperature Field replaceable 2% accurate sensor and filterProbe length is 203 mm (8) 12. Service: Clean air.Temperature Limits: Process: -40 to 176F (-40 to 100C) Ambient: 5 to 125F (-15 to 51C) Range: RH: 0 to 100% (noncondensing) Temperature: -20 to 140F (-29 to 60C)Accuracy: RH: 2% @ 25C (10 to 90% RH) 4% @ 25C (0 to 10, 90 to 100% RH) Temperature: 0.54 @ 77F (0.3 @ 25C).Response Time: 1.5 sProbe Length: 8" (203 mm) insertion 13. VP1 / VP2 100 mm Vane Thermo-Anemometer Measures air velocity, volumetric air flow, temperature, and humidity Probe length is 203 mm (8) Used to measure the air flow at supply and return air registers 14. Air Velocity: Range: 40 to 5000 fpm (0.2 to 25 m/s) Accuracy: 1.5% of reading 20 to 60 fpm (0.1 to 0.3 m/s) (Reading Dependent) Response Time: 1 sTemperature: Range: -4 to 140F (-20 to 60C) Accuracy: 0.54 @ 77F (0.3 @ 25C) Response Time: 1.5 sRelative Humidity: Range: 0 to 100% RH Accuracy: 2% @ 77F (25C) (10 to 90% RH); 4% (0 to 10% and 90 to 100%) Response Time: 1.5 s Air Volume: Range: 999,999 in selected units Response Time: 1 s.Vane Material: Anondized aluminum.Probe Length: 8" (203 mm) insertion. 15. Press and release the Enter Key in the center of the directional pad to turn on the UHH Holding down the Enter Key will turn off the UHH Wired Probes will power on and off with the base unit Wireless Probes will be turned on and off with the button on the probe handle 16. Probe MenuUse the Left and Right Directional Arrows to highlight the Probe Menu at the top of the display and press the Enter Key Use the Down Directional Arrow to select Pairing Mode and press the Enter Key Turn on the wireless probes to be paired Highlight the desired probes and press the Enter KeyPairing Mode 17. Using the Left MultiFunction Key, select the desired parameter Except for volumetric flow, the Right Multi-Function Key will cycle through the available engineering units For volumetric flow, the Right Multi-Function Key will enter the Settings Menu and the engineering units can be selected in the units sub-menuSelect ParameterAdjust Units 18. Maximum, minimum, and average statistics are available for each parameter Press the Left MultiFunction Key until Display appears Press the Center MultiFunction Key to toggle between the current and statistics views Select DisplayToggle Between Statistics and Current 19. Logging can be set to be over a time duration or can be single value at a time Logging can start by an event or by manually pushing the button on the UHH or the probePress the Left Multi-Function Button until Log is displayed Press the Center Key to enter the Log Settings or the Right Key to trigger the Log to start Start Log Select LogAccess Log Settings 20. Using the Left MultiFunction Key, select the desired parameter In order to change between differential pressure, air velocity, and volumetric air flow, press the Center Multifunction Key Dew point and wet bulb selections are located as humidity engineering units Select ParameterSelect Mode of Operation 21. Select View MenuParameters can be displayed as a meter, gauge, or strip chart When gauge is selected, a color band can be added to the display Use the Left and Right Directional Keys to select the View Menu at the top of the display Use the View sub-menu to select the display format Select the Format in the View Sub-Menu 22. Please contact Dwyer Instruments, Inc. with any questions you may have regarding the Model UHH Universal Handheld Test Instrument or any of our products at: Website www.dwyer-inst.com E-mail tech@dwyer-inst.com Phone 1.800.872.9141