Unconferences & Building Creative Confidence

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This presentation is about using tunconferences (barcamps) as a tool to build creative confidence in individuals.

Text of Unconferences & Building Creative Confidence

  • 1.by glennette clark, Lazy Smart Consulting Unconferences & Building Creative Confidence How Might Unconferences Inspire Creative Confidence

2. What is an unconference? It is a participant-driven gathering of like- minded individuals for the purpose of learning, sharing ideas, and networking. Its also known as an barcamp. Anyone wishing to start a talk or discussion can claim a space and time on the agenda know as the board. 3. This is me! Scared! Nervous! Trying to make everyone feel welcome! Trying to pretend that I know what I am doing and that I have done this before! Trying to spark the creativity of all the attendees! Building my creative confidence! 4. This is one of the discussions This guy is trying to convince everyone that the world is flat. Building his creative confidence! 5. with building have to do creative confidence What does this ? 6. Everythi ng!!! 7. Unconferences Gives People the Creative Confidence to... Network and develop relationships with other creative people in an unstructured yet structured environment Exchange unorthodox ideas in the spirit of mutual benefit to all parties involved Break free from the limiting agenda and mindsets of marginally disconnected conference planners Find collaborators of like-minded people to move forward on new projects and ideas Give voice to their values, ideas and share their experiences 8. I founded UXCamp DC in January 2010 to exercise my creative confidence It paid off! 9. learned about creative confidence? 10. From the people who attend... Share what you know Dont be afraid to make a mistake Dont be afraid to admit you made a mistake Take an active part in growing the community of practice Network, Share, Network 11. From myself... I can be successful by doing something I love I can take a leap of faith and not be afraid to fall There is accountability in commitment Confidence is learned skill that must be practiced Creativity comes in many different forms 12. Final thoughts on unconferences I believe that an unconference is the ultimate venue to express ones creativity while learning I believe that an unconference allows people to share and discuss new ideas I believe that an unconference lets people talk about what they want to talk about rather than listening to talking heads I believe that an unconference is a safe place for people to takes risks and explore I believe that an unconference equips people with the knowledge that they have something interesting and valuable to say 13. How might unconferences build creative confidence? Unconferences are a safe space that allow people to express their ideas and take risks! Unconferences lead to discussions between people on building and cultivating their own creative confidence! Unconferences lets people play with and explore new ideas like a children! 14. Need help with your creative confidence? Glennette Clark Lazy Smart Consulting glennette@lazysmart.com 202-683-9508