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<p>tumblr. For Libraries</p> <p>tumblr.For Libraries</p> <p>Presenter: Rachel Eichen</p> <p>Agenda</p> <p>Two Week Class: April 22 &amp; 24What is tumblr? How does it work?Professional UsesLibrary PagesInteracting on TumblrMaking Your Tumblr EngagingTumblr TipsTumblr Tools and HacksTumblrs to FollowThe Future of Tumblr</p> <p>Quick Poll</p> <p>Image from: http://goo.gl/ypOR45 </p> <p>What is Tumblr?</p> <p>What is Tumblr?</p> <p>Effortlessly Share AnythingMicroblogging less is morePost text, quotes, links, videos, etcFind blogs based on interests/tagsComments rare, reblogs common</p> <p>How popular is Tumblr?</p> <p>Quick Facts</p> <p>38,000 posts per a minuteUsers spent 154.1 minutes on average on Tumblr46.5 percent of Tumblr visitors are 18-34-years-old.</p> <p>Sources: http://goo.gl/1rpliY, http://goo.gl/cD5t2 </p> <p>Why is Tumblr so popular?</p> <p>Easy to find similar blogsEasy to share &amp; make postsEasy to trackInteracts with other social media</p> <p>Did you know?</p> <p>In 2013, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion</p> <p>How Tumblr Works</p> <p>Create an Account</p> <p>Find some Tumblrs to follow</p> <p>Librarians online:thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com/Great Libraries To Check Out:Baker Free LibraryPublic Lib of Cincinnati</p> <p>Image from: http://goo.gl/raSoZ1 </p> <p>Follow </p> <p>http://tumblr.libraryjournal.com/</p> <p>Lets start blogging</p> <p>Making Posts</p> <p>DashboardAdd Posts (With Tags!)Reblog or like a postSee who liked/reblogged</p> <p>Tags and Blogs</p> <p>Find TumblrsUse tags to find infoTrack key tags</p> <p>Personalizing Tumblr</p> <p>Pick Your ThemeCustomize Your ThemeAdvanced OptionsChange AppearanceAppsAdd PagesMore</p> <p>Using Tumblr</p> <p>Professional Development</p> <p>teenlibrariantoolbox.tumblr.compewinternet.tumblr.comlibraryadvocates.tumblr.com/ </p> <p>Offers perks like invites to author parties at conference</p> <p>Interact with authors</p> <p>rainbowrowell.tumblr.comneil-gaiman.tumblr.comYA Authors on Tumblr: yahighway.tumblr.com </p> <p>Connect.</p> <p>Librarians on Tumblr use the tags#libraries,#librarians, and#Tumblariansto talk to each other (http://goo.gl/tSqTF) </p> <p>thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.comhttp://thepinakes.tumblr.com/ http://wordtraffic.tumblr.com/ </p> <p>Books!</p> <p>http://gobookyourself.cohttp://heyteenbookshey.tumblr.com/ http://strandbooks.tumblr.com/ </p> <p>Libraries on Tumblr</p> <p>http://nypl.tumblr.comchicagopubliclibrary.tumblr.comcanterburylibrary.tumblr.com hclib.tumblr.com </p> <p>What to do on Tumblr</p> <p>share photospromote upcoming eventspromote communitymake announcementspromote your collectionpromote readinginteract with your audienceVisit your library archivesHave fun</p> <p>Other Profession Dev Uses</p> <p>ReadingDiscoverFind/Share Infographics and memesKeep up with trends (using hashtags)</p> <p>Homework</p> <p>Set up a tumblr blog for either professional or personal use with:TitleDescriptionTheme Make at least one post of original content (Image, quote, etcwith at least 3 relevant tags)Reblog another blog post and add your own commentarySend me the URL along with questionsBonus: Follow at least one other Tumblr</p> <p>Contact</p> <p>Rachel Eichenadverb@gmail.com 877-816-9638Slideshare.net/adverb http://rachelnovare.tumblr.com/</p>