Tumblr April 2014

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Text of Tumblr April 2014

tumblr. For Libraries

tumblr.For Libraries

Presenter: Rachel Eichen


Two Week Class: April 22 & 24What is tumblr? How does it work?Professional UsesLibrary PagesInteracting on TumblrMaking Your Tumblr EngagingTumblr TipsTumblr Tools and HacksTumblrs to FollowThe Future of Tumblr

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What is Tumblr?

What is Tumblr?

Effortlessly Share AnythingMicroblogging less is morePost text, quotes, links, videos, etcFind blogs based on interests/tagsComments rare, reblogs common

How popular is Tumblr?

Quick Facts

38,000 posts per a minuteUsers spent 154.1 minutes on average on Tumblr46.5 percent of Tumblr visitors are 18-34-years-old.

Sources: http://goo.gl/1rpliY, http://goo.gl/cD5t2

Why is Tumblr so popular?

Easy to find similar blogsEasy to share & make postsEasy to trackInteracts with other social media

Did you know?

In 2013, Yahoo bought Tumblr for $1.1 Billion

How Tumblr Works

Create an Account

Find some Tumblrs to follow

Librarians online:thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.com/Great Libraries To Check Out:Baker Free LibraryPublic Lib of Cincinnati

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Lets start blogging

Making Posts

DashboardAdd Posts (With Tags!)Reblog or like a postSee who liked/reblogged

Tags and Blogs

Find TumblrsUse tags to find infoTrack key tags

Personalizing Tumblr

Pick Your ThemeCustomize Your ThemeAdvanced OptionsChange AppearanceAppsAdd PagesMore

Using Tumblr

Professional Development


Offers perks like invites to author parties at conference

Interact with authors

rainbowrowell.tumblr.comneil-gaiman.tumblr.comYA Authors on Tumblr: yahighway.tumblr.com


Librarians on Tumblr use the tags#libraries,#librarians, and#Tumblariansto talk to each other (http://goo.gl/tSqTF)

thelifeguardlibrarian.tumblr.comhttp://thepinakes.tumblr.com/ http://wordtraffic.tumblr.com/


http://gobookyourself.cohttp://heyteenbookshey.tumblr.com/ http://strandbooks.tumblr.com/

Libraries on Tumblr

http://nypl.tumblr.comchicagopubliclibrary.tumblr.comcanterburylibrary.tumblr.com hclib.tumblr.com

What to do on Tumblr

share photospromote upcoming eventspromote communitymake announcementspromote your collectionpromote readinginteract with your audienceVisit your library archivesHave fun

Other Profession Dev Uses

ReadingDiscoverFind/Share Infographics and memesKeep up with trends (using hashtags)


Set up a tumblr blog for either professional or personal use with:TitleDescriptionTheme Make at least one post of original content (Image, quote, etcwith at least 3 relevant tags)Reblog another blog post and add your own commentarySend me the URL along with questionsBonus: Follow at least one other Tumblr


Rachel Eichenadverb@gmail.com 877-816-9638Slideshare.net/adverb http://rachelnovare.tumblr.com/