TSP digital storytelling for inquiry projects

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Video reports on inquiry projects

Video reports on inquiry projectsMart Laanpere, head of the Centre for Educational Technology, Tallinn University

Inquiry-based learningInquiry-based learning: approaches to learning that are based on the investigation of questions, scenarios or problems - often assisted by a facilitatorLearning the same way the scientists do: by questioning, exploring, discovering, explaining, testing, observing, (in)validating, argumentsIn the new national curriculum for Estonian schools, IBL is compulsory (integrated in subject curricula and compulsory inquiry project instead state exam)

Progressive inquiry

Digital storytelling + inquiryLearning through storytelling: an ancient method, similar to Socratic method (dialogical learning)Digital storytelling: compiling your personal/life story with digital mediaTrialogical learning (Paavola et al): where learners are collaboratively developing, transforming, or creating shared objects of activity (such as conceptual artefacts, practices, products) in a systematic fashionVision of Students Today a viral Youtube video, combining inquiry learning with digital storytelling

Your taskForm the groups of 3-4, using TeamUp.aalto.fiIn each group, there should be persons with the following roles: Data collector conducts surveys, interviewsScript writer creates the storyline, narrationMovie editor shoots and cuts the video clipsTools: Google Docs, iPad Mini (iMovie), Socrative5The criteria for ouputDuration of the video: max 3 minDefines and answers 1-2 research questions, e.g.:What could be causing Wifi jams?How to avoid physical damage of tablets?Which creatures were making that noise at the pond?What are the teaching perspectives of TSP participants and how are these related with gender/age/nationality?Toilet paper preferences among TSP-ers: over vs under?Digital/video storytelling based on collected dataFollows the style of Vision of Students TodayUploaded to Youtube, presented and reflected in the end of the session