Top Ten Google Tips for Teachers

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For EDUC 5611


<ul><li>1.The TOP TEN Google Tips for Teachers<br />Erica Coleman<br />EDUC 5611 W1<br />Fall Semester 2010<br /></li></ul> <p>2. #10 Best Google Tip for Teachers<br />Use the Google Image Search<br />Students often enjoy a visual aid to accompany the lecture of the teacher.Google images provide visual aids in less than a second.I like to use images in my PowerPoint Presentations, but I sometimes need an impromptu picture while I am teaching.Google Images is perfect for that.<br />3. #9 Tip<br />Search within a specific website In the Google search box type in site:yourwebsite followed by your search item.<br />For example: Let say you would like to search for what says about school uniforms<br />In the Google search box type uniforms<br />I chose this because this is such a time saver.Forget having to go to the website and then search all through it for what you want.From now on, Google can do that for me!<br />4. #8 Tip<br />Google News keep track of what is going on in the world with headlines from Google News!<br />I chose this tip because as a teacher, I can get caught up in just what is going on within my four walls.In between classes, on lunch, and break, I can keep up with current news headlines with Google News..and it is super fast, too!<br />5. #7 Tip<br />Google SketchUp will take any<br />picture and make it into a 3D image.<br />Students can use SketchUp to rev up any lesson that requires illustrations.<br />6. #6 Tip<br />Google Groups and Google Docs<br />Where students can meet and study with their group -- online!<br />Our school pushes for students to use technology on a daily basis.Students can use Google Groups to discuss and plan for group projects.<br />7. #5 Tip<br />Reopen a closed tab with Google!<br />Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen that accidentally closed tab.<br />Rationale: Completely selfish!I do this all the timethis function is so valuable to me.I work at a fast pace and will close a tab<br />accidentally.This is no longer a problem for me with Google.<br />8. #4 Google Tip<br />Save any page as a PDF with this bookmarklet from Google!<br />I need high quality PDF files to share with colleagues.This tool from Google is perfect for what I need so often.<br />9. #3 Tip<br />Blogger Create an easy to use, free, and customizable blog to share photos and thoughts with all your subscribers.<br />Keep in touch with parents and students through your own personal blog!If approved by parents and administration share your class photos with the families of your students to keep them involved in what goes on in your classroom.<br />10. #2 Tip<br />Picasa is free photo editing software from Google.<br />Teachers can use this free software to edit photos for publishing on blogs, websites, or to hang in the classroom.<br />11. #1 : The BEST Google Tip for Teachers is (yes, that is a drum-roll you hear)<br />Google Scholar is a specialized Google search to get results from scholarly literature.<br />High School students do not often have <br />access to the online scholarly journals that <br />university students do, so Google Scholar<br /> is a great research tool for students to use <br />to find reliable sources.<br /></p>