Top mobile apps for property managers

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I've Got a Tablet, Now What? Top mobile apps for property managers.


<ul><li> 1. IVE GOT A TABLET. NOW WHAT? Jindou Lee </li></ul> <p> 2. A DAY IN THE LIFE... 3. WHO AM I? Graphic Designer Midway Games Sovereign Digital Mighty Kingdom Happy Inspector 4. WHY MOBILE APPS? Medium Time in years Telephone 25 Electricity 30 Radio 7 Television 11 Computer 9 Mobile phone 11 Internet 9 Smart phone 7 Tablet 3 Time taken to get to 10% adoption 5. WHY MOBILE APPS? Mobile traffic in 2012 was 12 times the size of the entire Internet in 2000. 12x There will be 10Billion mobile connected devices by 2017.10B 6. WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The landscape is changing. The way we consume content and information is changing has changed. Your organization either keeps up or falls behind. 7. TABLET SURVEY A third (34%) of American adults ages 18+ own a tablet. 2x from 2012. Android operating systems just overtook iOS for global tablet market share. In US and Canada, 81% of data usage came from iPad users! App Store revenue is 4.6x higher than Google Play. Top activities for tablets were to read news and entertainment, search for information, and watch videos. Source: and 8. TABLET OWNERSHIP BY GENDER Source: 35% 32% 9. TABLET OWNERSHIP BY URBANITY Urban 33% Suburban 37% Rural 27% Source: 10. TABLET OWNERSHIP BY AGE GROUP 18-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65+ 33% 37% 49% 38% 28% 18% Source: 11. WHAT DOES A TABLET USER LOOK LIKE? 12. WHAT DOES A TABLET USER LOOK LIKE? 13. THE MOBILE WORKER 14. THE MOBILE WORKER Mobile worker is someone who is not always working at a desk. Small companies were the most likely to have mobile workers, compared with their larger counterparts. Large percentage of mobile workforce BYOD (Bring your own device). Multiple devices with secure data access. 15. THE MOBILE WORKER = PROPERTY MANAGER 16. THINGS THAT PROPERTY MANAGERS DO Lead generation Sales Admin Operations Put out res 17. NUMBER OF MOBILE APPS AVAILABLE 892,687778,397 Source: Appbrain, 148apps July 2013 18. WHAT MAKES A GOOD MOBILE APP? Useful Nicely built Easy to use Improves my life Make me happy 19. TOP 6 APPS FOR PROPERTY MANAGERS 20. 1. YOUR WORK AT YOUR FINGERTIPS App to allow PMs to access their details on the go. Buildium, Appfolio, Propertyware 21. 1. YOUR WORK AT YOUR FINGERTIPS 22. 2. ACCEPT PAYMENTS ANYWHERE Apps to help you accept payments or pay for goods. Mobile wallets or cash registers. Easy to use and low fees. Square or Paypal 23. 2. ACCEPT PAYMENTS ANYWHERE 24. 3. HELP ME GET THERE Apps that help you to get to places faster. Waze or Google Maps 25. 3. HELP ME GET THERE 26. 4. DOCUMENT STORAGE Backup all your media, policies and documents. Access them anywhere. Dropbox or Box 27. 4. DOCUMENT STORAGE 28. 5. GET FOUND Be where your prospective tenants are and get found! Trulia or Zillow. 29. 5. GET FOUND 30. 6. REMEMBER EVERYTHING Stay organized, save your ideas and improve productivity. Evernote 31. 6. REMEMBER EVERYTHING 32. BONUS: INSPECTIONS Complete your inspection reports on the go and save countless hours of your time. Happy Inspector! 33. BONUS: INSPECTIONS 34. THE NEXT 5 YEARS More people becoming more mobile Android up, Apple down Content creation, not content consumption Task centric and industry specic apps Better mobile apps for PMs instead of ugly apps 35. THANK YOU Questions? </p>