Top Mobile Apps for Clinical Cases

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Part of CE course for HSLANJ Spring 2014


<ul><li>1.Top Mobile Apps For Clinical Cases Courtney Mlinar HSLANJ 2014 </li></ul> <p>2. How I got started: Medicine is Mobile Initiative Fall 2009 Morphed into iPad Initiative Fall 2010 LibGuides created Summer 2010 Faculty Development Spring 2011 New leadership OIIT Spring 2011=more support! HPD Library purchased iPad2s Summer 2011 Macs in Library Information Commons Fall 2011 HPD Library purchased iPad3s Winter 2011 3. iPads in Programs: Fall 2013: New Students in the Programs College of Osteopathic Medicine College of Dental Medicine College of Pharmacy College of Optometry 4. Residents: Training for Apps Summer 2013 Medical Missions Winter 2012, Summer 2013 5. All Apps are not equal Abridged versions of databases Native apps: use device features such as camera, GPS Hybrid apps: combo native app and mobile-optimized web site Pure mobile-optimized web site with app portal 6. Mobile-optimized Apps: Hybrid apps- native app platform plus mobileoptimized database Pure mobile-optimized apps Require wi-fi or internet access 7. Mobile Apps at HPD: 04950&amp;sid=835769 8. App Gaps: Unreliable reviews Cross-platform operability Usefulness 9. How do you Evaluate an App? 10. Evaluating Information CRAAP (Chico State) Test: Currency Relevancy Authority Accuracy Purpose 11. Dehydrated Water Hoax web site: e.html 12. RYT Hospital Hoax web site: 13. Evaluating Apps: CRAPPIES Currency Relevance Authority Purpose Proven (Accurate, Useful) Intuitive * Easy Stable Interface *Spool, J. M. (2005). What makes a Design seem Intuitive? Retrieved Jan. 20, 2012, from 14. Library site and subscriptions: Access Medicine EBSCO GALE StatRef Science Direct Clinical Key OvidMD Psych Online Access Pharmacy Red Book Online Web of Knowledge UptoDate First Consult Visual Dx 15. Skyscape Apps: Look for free ones, plus- DynaMed Natural Standard Outlines in Clinical Medicine Rx Drugs 16. More Drug Apps: Clinical Pharmacology Mobile Medical Letter Sanford Antimicrobial PEPID (free version) Pharmacy Pro Epocrates Pill Finder LactMed Micromedex Drug Info Micromedex Drug Interaction Lexicomp 17. Top Productivity Apps: Dropbox Evernote SlideShark Mighty Meeting Adobe Connect 18. Top Virtual Meeting: Facetime Skype Google Hangout 19. Reading Apps: iBook Kindle Stanza Inkling Kno Textbooks Vital Source Bluefire Reader Nook Audiobooks OverDrive CourseSmart Pearson eText Merck Manual eBrary Tabers Medical Dictionary Kobo 20. Browser Apps: Puffin Dolphin 21. PDF Apps: iAnnotate Noteability PDF Expert 22. NEW: Microsoft Office Nearly a GB in size Requires a one year subscription to Office 365 ($100) to edit and create- do you have, Xbox accounts?- can install on 5 desktops, 5 tablets Free version is Read only Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note Backs up your work on Microsoft One Drive (7GB free storage) How to Print documents not intuitive, does not open withsuch as Printer Pro Some gaps such as Charts in Word 23. Plans for Businesses: Start at $5 per month, $60 per year for up to 25 users Business-class email, online conferencing, public website, file storage and sharing and office online. The step-up program is $12.50 per month or $150 per year and adds access to the desktop versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and several other titles requires a one-year contract and costs $15 per month, but can be used by up to 300 people and it adds Active Directory integration self-service business intelligence. 24. 2 ways to get Office 365: Inside MS Office app use iTunes Go to = pay $99 or $9.99 monthly (Skip downloading iTunes apps step if you already downloaded the apps- can be confusing) Login with Microsoft account to have app activate paid features 25. Alternatives: iWorks Pages Numbers Keynote (some quirky formatting when switching back and forth from MS Office to iWorks) 26. NLM Apps: PubMed on Tap WebMD 27. What are using? </p>