Tools for disengaged youth

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given to CIRC Providers 23 March 2009

Text of Tools for disengaged youth

  • 1. Exploring e-learning - case examples from The Australian Flexible Learning Framework Howard Errey e-Works

2. Inclusive E-learning 3 years of funding 2005 - 07 Disabilities Youth Mature age E-learning Innovations 2008 2011 Project based funding up to $50,000 2 categories Business Provider Partnerships Empowering Learners 3. 4. 5. Some Background Online counselling The power of text Ethics, risk, safety Training Target groups Usage 6. Inclusive e-support project SMS Remindersappointments Support Structure Tracking Engagement MSN 7. NMIT Stories Tasks & quizzes Group activities Monitoring Engagement Inclusion 8. Howard Errey [email_address] Twitter: howard61 9. SW TAFE Pod Tours St George TAFE Online delivery removesf2f difficulties Self paced Heutagogy Exposure to tools Unwitting participation However easy to assumeall young people are tech savvy. 10.


11. Howard Errey [email_address] Twitter: howard61 12. Howard Errey [email_address] 9662 8710 Twitter: howard61