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Tessellation project combining Math, Art and Technology using the program Pixie2

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  • 1. Click on the blue arrow to begin the activity. 3 Ts Template Tessellate Translate Which shape will not tessellate? Click on the shape that doesnt tessellate! Keep clicking the mouse to see all the shapes!
  • 2. Good Thinking Triangles, squares and hexagons are the only regular shapes which tessellate by themselves. If you put many of these shapes together side-by-side, they form a tessellation. You can have other tessellations of regular shapes if you use more than one type of shape. You can even tessellate pentagons, but they won't be regular ones .
  • 3. True or False??
    • This is an example of a tessellations!
    TRUE False
  • 4. Name this Model Template Translate Tessellate T
  • 5. Good Thinking This is an AB pattern that is tessellated
  • 6. What's common to a tiled floor, a brick patterned wall, the surfaces of a rubik's cube and a jigsaw puzzle?, what do all of them have in common with a honeycomb? Some of you might have guessed it right; they all are tessellations. What are tessellations after all? A tessellation can also be called tiling. It is a collection of shapes that cover the surface of a plain, leaving no gaps or overlaps. Good Thinking
  • 7. Good Thinking tes sel lation [tes-uh-ley-shuhn]
  • 8. A ____is a file that serves as a starting point for a new document. When you open a___, it is pre-formatted in some way. tiling translation 3Ts template Which of these completes the statement above?
  • 9. Good Thinking A circle will not tessellate!
  • 10. What is this picture explaining? tessellation How to cut Making templates How to tape
  • 11. Name this Model. Designs templates Tessellation Translation
  • 12.
    • True or False. This is a translation !
    Click on the correct item to hear the applause! False True If you hear APPLAUSE you are correct ! A bomb means you bombed that one! Explain your answer in this box ---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- --------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
  • 13. Name this model. tessellation template translate turn
  • 14. Good Thinking Translation In Geometry, "Translation" simply means Moving ...... without rotating, resizing or anything else, just moving.
  • 15. Name this model. translation tremendous tessellation terrific
  • 16. start with a square turn template tessellation translation
  • 17. Name and describe what you did today. Use the words in the word box to help you. Click in the white box to type your answer. Tessellate translate template Slide patterns paste copy Cut Design create
  • 18. Click on the picture below to go back to your wiki page. Read all of the directions and complete the activities.