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1In this presentation:Part A: A description of the classThe contentThe class delivery The activitiesThe tutors role Learning outcomes of the class A critique A critique of the current effectiveness of the classA general critique A profile of the student How does the class meet our student's needs? What could be improved about the learning or teaching?

PART A1. A description of the classThe content 1.The content The first unit of the book (Alif Baa)In 17 pages the unit gives an introduction to Arabic language. The whole unit is usually covered in 240 minutes The class delivery1.The class delivery A Blended class flipped classroom The student is required to do some home-works online and offline before showing up on the next session. The tutors role1.The Tutors roleDetermining the students home-works for the next session Giving the proper guidance in technical issuesFacilitate the activity performing.

The activities1.The activities Thanks to the companion website, the text book, and the supporting material that are provided; most of the activities can be performed by the student solely, however, the directions in between parentheses encourage the students to maintain the balance and self-pace on the long run. The activities Heres some screen shots of the activates and their directions form:

PART ALearning outcomes of the classThe learning outcomes: Recognizing Arabic scripts Recognizing Arabic sounds Establishing the student with the transliteration systemFamiliarizing the student with the formal and informal (dialects) Arabic Practicing common greetings in Arabic Practicing self-introduction in Arabic (formal and informal) Getting exposed to Arabic culture : first lesson :Saying Hello PART AA critique of the current effectiveness of the class A general critique 3.

A profile of the student 3.For more information about the student profile, please find the attachement: personaName: Rajiv, Age: 39 year old maleFrom: Kerala, India is Current statues: expatriate, in Al-Khobar city, Saudi ArabiaProfession: salesman and technician Reason behind learning Arabic: he wishes to be able to speak Arabic as soon as he can because he can see that he is missing a lot of potential clients and opportunities because of lacking thereof. Typical Profile

19How does it meet the student need3.How does it meet the student need The blended class in the form of flipped classroom forces the students to think and reflect for a quite enough period before starting the actual application of the content While all adult learners are goal oriented and seek to learn the language as soon as possible, the weight on the learner in such an approach makes the learning in most situation the responsibility of the learner him/herself which is quite suitable for the professional learners like ours. What could be improved about the learning or teaching? 3.Suggested improvement about the teachingTeaching learning skills such as active reading can improve the learning outcomes as the student apply them gradually and effectively.



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