Teaching Writing For Adult English Language Learners

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  • 1. Web 2.0 Tools
    An Overview of Available Technologies
    Teaching Writing for Adult English Language Learners
  • 2. Slideshare
    Create Quality Presentations
    Collect Information
    Share Your Knowledge
    with the World
    Google Docs
    Document Collaboration
    Social Networking
    Class or Group Wikis
    Create Class or Project Blogs
  • 3. Blogs
    Students can submit work online for others to comment on
    Students can keep track of projects and assignments
    Teachers and students can post links and resources
  • 4. Wikis
    Groups can collaborate on writing assignments
    Students can create final products that are viewed by people all over the world
    Audio, video, and pictures promote learning for different learning styles and intelligences
  • 5. Google Docs
    Pairs or groups can collaborate on the same essay
    No more need for carrying around USB flash memory
    Students and teachers can upload resources for access from any internet-connected computer
  • 6. Facebook
    Social networking allows students to find and communicate with others with similar interests
    Students use real language in authentic contexts
    Pictures and graphics promote dual coding and making abstract ideas concrete
  • 7. Wikipedia
    Teachers and students can use Wikipedia as a starting point for understanding a topic
    Students can use links as a starting point for research
    Students can create entries for topics not yet covered in Wikipedia
  • 8. Slideshare
    Students can develop skills in writing in the modern world which includes presentation in multi-media formats
    Students can create presentations for viewing not only in class, but also from any computer
    Students can get feedback on their presentations from classmates
  • 9. RSS
    RSS feeds make it possible to bring feeds from informative sources into one place, such as Google Reader
    Teachers can aggregate postings from individual student blogs
    Feeds can be organized according to specific topics
  • 10. Collaboration
    Develop Information Technology Skills
    Project Based Learning
    Real-world end products for a wider audience
    Connect with people with shared interests
    Engage students with meaningful and exciting learning opportunities
    Web 2.0 Tools for Teaching Writing to Adult English Language Learners