Teaching in 21st Century: Smart Classes

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What is a Smart ClassroomWhy smart classroomThe 21st Century LearnerThe idea behind Smart ClassroomsEquipmentActive LearningActive TeachingAdvantagesDisadvantagesThe Smart Classroom ExperienceResearchDevelopmentHow to beginConclusion What is a Smart Classroom?

An electronically enhanced Classroom.

Use computers ,multimedia and network technologies.

Also called Digital or new media classrooms.

Interactive teachings along with the use of different types of visual equipment

Why smart classroom

Old CarTodays carOld Music playerOld way of mailingOld teaching methodscurrent way of mailingTodays Music playerTodays teaching methodsThe 21st Century Learner

CreativeMobileMultitasking Collaborative ProducersHence, we need smart classrooms

The idea behind Smart Classrooms

To Improve teachers effectiveness and productivity in class.

To brings abstract and difficult curriculum concepts to life inside classrooms.

To Make learning an enjoyable experience for students.

To Improve academic performance of students.

To Enable instant formative assessment of learning outcomes in class.

To enable teachers to instantly assess and evaluate the learning achieved by their students in class.Equipment

A Computer

Internet Access

DVD Player

Room Speakers

Laptop Connections for Guest Speakers

LCD Projector

Projector Screen

Active Learning

Research in the science of learning emphasizes the importance of requiring students to be active inventors rather than passive recipients.

Students can show their assignments and discuss them

Beneficial for students with limited motor skills

Students can have discussions and competition with other students from different countries of the world

Active Teaching

No need for teachers to check question papers or assignments.

Quick response from students

Distant teaching made possible

Expert Teachers from all over the world can teach hundreds of students at once


Interaction with students and teachers from different countries.

Students respond well to video clips illustrating a concept YouTube

Students can record Lecture and Notes

Develops interests in students

Teaching Chemistry in a Smart Class


Costly to integrate into schooling

Equipment requires maintenance

Under privilege schools do not have access to such technology

Teachers lack training and technical difficulties The Smart Classroom Experience

Smart Classrooms can enhance content and presentation

PowerPoint presentation which reviews the major points of the lesson.

With the computer's desktop being projected relevant Internet sites can add variety to any lesson.

Empower studentsStudent presentation using PowerPoint

Show their assignments and discuss themResearchSurvey done bySMART Multimedia Classrooms:

From a survey, normal students were compared to those who were taught in a smart classroom.The same syllabus, question paper and same teachers were provided to both sides.Result clearly shows that students who studied in smart classrooms got better results every time.ResearchSurvey done bySMART Multimedia Classrooms:

In 2004, an overwhelming majority of faculty (86.8%) expressed the desire to use Smart classrooms, while 13.2% of them believed that existing Classrooms met theirrequirements.Development

Smart Class technology is already widespread in western countries schools

Smart Classrooms can make a positive and remarkable difference in how teachers teach and learners learn.

Students/Teachers prefer Smart Classrooms

In Pakistan there are also a few smart classrooms

OK looks interesting, how to I begin?

Take your time adapting to this new technology

Start to use one piece at a timePowerPoint/Adobe pdf give your lectures

Add some Smart Board interaction

Create Podcasts of your lectures

Post them on the internet


Smart Classrooms have a positive impact on students

Develops interests in students

Provides more flexibility to teachers

Unfortunately it can not be implemented all over the world.

Thank You