Talk4Writing - Mythical Creatures

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<ol><li> 1. Who visited our school this weekend?! </li><li> 2. Who could have left such a big foot print?! Where did he go now? Where was he on his way to? </li><li> 3. Slime and goo on our bridge! Have you heard the bubbling? Will you get asked something when you cross the bridge? </li><li> 4. Careful not to pick it up! Where will he go to on that path? Whos inside? </li><li> 5. EEEK! Snakes in the creek! Who has an affinity for snakes? Dont look at them too closely or you may be in trouble! </li><li> 6. Who left a crown in our wild jungle?! Who is a king in the wild jungle? How did he get to the wild jungle? </li><li> 7. I wonder what journey all these characters have been on? How did they end up in our school?! </li></ol>


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