Talk4Writing - Mythical Creatures

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  1. 1. Who visited our school this weekend?!
  2. 2. Who could have left such a big foot print?! Where did he go now? Where was he on his way to?
  3. 3. Slime and goo on our bridge! Have you heard the bubbling? Will you get asked something when you cross the bridge?
  4. 4. Careful not to pick it up! Where will he go to on that path? Whos inside?
  5. 5. EEEK! Snakes in the creek! Who has an affinity for snakes? Dont look at them too closely or you may be in trouble!
  6. 6. Who left a crown in our wild jungle?! Who is a king in the wild jungle? How did he get to the wild jungle?
  7. 7. I wonder what journey all these characters have been on? How did they end up in our school?!