Studio Photography, Part 3

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  • Portrait PhotographyA portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound.-Charles Baudelaire

    Portraiture is a window to the soul Holding Virgina - Sally Mann

  • Portrait and People PhotographyPhotographs that clearly shows the expression of a human most likely to use their faces as main Focal Point.

  • Settings of Potrait Photography Settings and scene can really add emotion to a portrait. Settings tell us information about the people and their way of life.

  • Props in Portrait Photography Props help to give the photographs a life and tell us more about the subject. Include props but dont let them become the main focus of the portrait.

  • Lighting in Portrait Photography Make sure the lighting ADDS to the photograph rather then subtracts. Lighting can make or break a photograph.Shoot FROM the source of your light to fill in facesShoot in early morning or towards end of day for nice soft diffused light. Mid day light is way to harsh and high to effectively fill out facial features

  • Work/Life/CandidDont tell your subject to pose. Rather be unobtrusive and photograph them doing what they do. A posing smiling person is not always the best.

  • Angle in Portrait Photography You can minimize distractions in your photographs by switching up your angle.Different angles can really change the mood and meaning of a photograph.

  • Types of Portraits Candid PosedFormalCoupleEnvironmentalSportingChildrenGroupWhen we speak of portrait photography in general terms there's a tendency to overlook the sub-categories. From the strictly formal to the candid street shot. Here is a range of the more common types of portrait photography.

  • Candidun-posed andunplanned photo

  • Posed Communication between photographer and the subject about the body position and expression

  • FormalCommunication between photographer and the subject regarding clothing, location, style and mood

  • CoupleInterpretation of a relationship between two people Hiroshima, August of 1945

  • Small GroupInterpretation of a common bond between members of a group

  • EnvironmentalAn environmental portrait shows the subject(s) in their own territory.

  • Sportingshows the subject with their uniform, equipment in their sporting environment.The important factor is to let the equipment and location tell part of the story.

  • Children

  • Portrait TipsChoosing the Right BackgroundFocus on the EyesLighting, Lighting and more LightingChange the Format FramingAlter Your PerspectiveExperiment with Subject ExpressionsPlay with focusGive Your Subject Space to Look IntoReflection & ShadowMovementGet serious

  • Choosing the Right Background

  • Focus on the Eyes

    the eyes are the window to the soul

  • Lighting, Lighting and more LightingLighting is the most important element in any photo composition and sets the mood, feeling and character of your photo.

  • Change the Format FramingMix your framing

  • Alter Your Perspectivecompletely change the angle that you shoot from

  • Experiment with Subject Expressions

  • Same shot+different focus=different story

  • (UN)FocusIt adds some mystery to the image

  • Give Your Subject Space to Look Into

  • Reflection & Shadow

  • MovementUse movement to show action, even if it blurs out the subject entirely.

  • Get seriousNot all portraits need to have a smile, capture the serious emotions too







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