Stone age to Iron age

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INTRODUCTIONThe Stone Age and Iron Age was the beginning to all of our lives, from apes to the first humans. This is a power point which will help you with your understanding of this thrilling subject!SO SIT BACK AND ENJOY THIS HISTORIC RIDE!!!

*REMEMBER*There will be a quiz at the end, so make sure youre listening!

FOODThe Stone Age ate food such as eggs, fruit, nuts, grapes, fish, stinging nettles and plants.They had hunters, fishermen and gatherers who went to collect their food instead of growing it. They hunted, fished and gathered, sometimes for a sweet treat they went and got honey from beehives!Men, women and children who lived by the rivers and sea tended to go fishing, but later on caught eels, crabs and lobsters. Eventually they learnt to grow their own crops and became the first farmers!

RULES!IN THE COMMUNITYIN THE FAMILYOne of the rules in the community of a stone age settlement was only the leader of the tribe could organise the meetings in the meeting place. Only men and young boys could talk in the meeting place. The Stone Age believed in revenge, so if you cut someone then they would have to cut you, but no harder than they had done to you!In the households of the stone age there were rules. Such as, if the man in your home left your house during a meal time then you wouldnt be able to carry on eating.

Do you follow the rules?!

When you come to eating an animal then you eat ALL of it!!Bows werent invented until Iron age.You can use stinging nettles to make string.Women tended to care for their young and prepared meals instead of going hunting.All of their furniture was made out of stone.They made hats out of rabbit skin.

A village and a landmark!SKARA BRAE


Stonehenge is a famous landmark in Wiltshire, England. 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury. No one actually knows when Stonehenge was built! It has been suggested that Stonehenge was used as a religious temple.

Skara Brae is an old stone age settlement in Northern Scotland in a place called Orkney, as it is based on the coast the weather is not very pleasant. It is mostly windy, rainy and stormy! It was built in 3100 BC around 5,000 years ago! The people of Skara wore animal skins during cold seasons to keep themselves warm.

I am now going to give you a quiz to see if you were listening!

I hope you enjoyed this power point!


Give it a go!!Q.1 What were hats made out of?Q.2 Name two foods that they ate.Q.3 When was Skara Brae built?Q.4 How much of the animal do you eat?Q.5 What was their furniture made out of?Q.6 What did they use stinging nettles for?Q.7 Which do YOU think was the strictest rule?


Which ones have YOU got right?A.1 Rabbit fur.A.2 Eggs, fruit, nuts, grapes, fish, stinging nettles and plants.A.3 3100.A.4 All of it.A.5 Stone.A.6 To make string.A.7 Their point of view.