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1. 300 Seconds A Book for Two @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 2. A Book for Two reconsiders the conventional book and the way we read in 21st Century. Everything from format, layout and type aims to turn reading into a shared experience. @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 3. Sharing is how we read and come across content in the digital age. Everything from twitter to github its all about sharing Yet, one experience which still remains solitary is reading. A Book for Two aims to enhance printed matter by adapting it to the way we consume information The internet is built upon shared content, and cats. print awesome digital A Book for Two takes the lessons learnt from the digtal world and brings them back to print. 4. SRE(shared reading experience) Its aims takes reading from being a solitary act to a more interactive one. Its all about... ...idk, wtf, lol, cba, yolo? @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 5. an information exchange an interaction which is fulfilling and giving depth to a traditional narrative which is all about... @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 6. How it works The text split, so each have alternating paragraphs, its a nice chunk of text, enough so you can get a sense of the narrative but not too much so it doesnt ruin the pace youre building. Theres some text which is highlighted in green (visible to both) which you read at the same time. Its amazing to hear because the voices overlap every now and then @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 7. Everything about the book is designed to be shared. Its double spined so two of you can sit at either end of a table and take it turns to read your text out aloud The story is Jekyll & Hyde. 8. A Book for Two has been featured on: Design Observer CreativeBloq Design Taxi Publishing Lab PSFK Creative Review Press 9. the the a book for more? a book for four? But sharing isnt just between two people: a digital version works on the same principle but splits the content between an unlimited amount of people, imagine it with book groups and larger numbers of people, itd be such a great way to share narrative. @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 10. what next? A final bit of design exploration Finalising the product Approaching bespoke bookshops & getting it to market @SoofiyaC #ABookforTwo 11. Thanks for listening Questions? Feedback? Tweet me: @SoofiyaC Tweet about: @ABookforTwo Email: More: