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<ul><li> 1. Social Media Soup<br />wikis<br />web 2.0<br />mobile devices<br />e-books<br />avatars<br />digital content<br />podcasting<br />video<br />Savor the Flavor<br />video conferencing<br />social networking<br />digital storytelling<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. We must educate the students we have, not the student we used to have, nor the student we wished we had. We must adapt to today's student, not them adapting to us. We must adapt to their world of today's 21st century technology. We cannot teach like we've taught forever anymore. We must change ourselves to adapt to their world. <br />They are hyper-communicators and must "power down" just to go to school.<br /><br /> 3. Youngsters have turned into 'screenagers' who spend nearly ten hours a day glued to TVs, computers, phones and video games. <br />Much of the time they <br />are texting, playing <br />games consoles, <br />surfing the internet, scrolling through their <br />iPods or staring at screens during school lessons. <br /><br /> 4. One in three teens sends more <br />than 100 text messages <br />a day, <br />or 3000 texts a month. <br /><br /> 5. We shouldn't expect <br />"out of the box" <br />thinking <br />when we only employ <br />"in the box" teaching.<br />Tom Whitby<br /> 6. Disclaimer:<br />Its <br />Not<br /> About <br />The <br />Tools!<br /> 7. Source:<br /> 8. Partnership for 21st Century Skills<br /><br /> 9. Photo Credits<br />Girls with Computers<br />Kids with iPods<br />Boys with iPads<br />Boy in front of computer screen<br />Thinking out of the box<br />Cell Phones<br /></p>