Slovak places they want to visit

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Snmek 1

Dear our Turkish and Polish friendswe would like visiting most


AUSTRALIADanaI love itI dream itI wish to travel

We would like to visit Rio de Janeiro with Dominik and Filip.I would like to see the statue of Jesus there.David Dominik Filipa Iwould like to visit HAWAII. There is a beautiful and wonderful environment. It is a very interesting place in the world. I really like the sea. There are many beaches and other attractions. The weather there is still a hot. This environment attends many tourists.

BetaIwould like to visit Turkey. Itis avery beautiful place. There is always fair weather. This place visit many tourists.


Dubai My name is Zuzana. Iwould like visit to Dubai. There are alot of interesting places to visit. Ilove beaches and also there are alot of museum. Dubai is the most populous city And emirate in the United Arab Emirate,and the second largest emirate by territorial size after the capital. Ithink,that Dubai is the most amazing place.

Dubai Zuzka

DominikaNikolkaMy favourite place in the world is Hobbiton. :) - Dominika korovNikola iduliakov: I would liketo vosit Bora Bora. It is so beautiful island. Everything there is amazing. The water is beautiful with light blue colour.

BORA BORAMy name is Monika. I would like in Bora Bora most. There are a lot of interesting places.I want to visit in Bora Bora this is my dreams since my nine years.

Monika I would like to visit Madrid in Spain to most. Is the capital and largest city of Spain, located in the center. I like this town very much, because I like the football team Real Madrid, too.

Rebecca ParisParis is the city of France.My dream city on the river Seine in the north of the country. I love it.

NatliaWe have never stopped dreaming