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presentation made by master group RU students, enjoy!

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  • 1. 1576.-first mentioning about city Lazdenen; 1938 g-naselenie Lazdenena has formed 2000 persons; In city were: brick plant, drugstore, railway, creamery, hotel, restaurant, school, mill

2. September 1946 - in Krasnoznamenskiy region arrived 937 families from Orlovskoy and Voronezhskoy areas (Voynovy, Holoimovy, Agarkovy). 3. The map and The bridge 4. The Population - 4000 persons; It Is Given effect station ( in region); The brick plant is Built; The repair of the dam is Produced on river SHeshupe; The construction of the new building of the school begin In 2009. 5. Pleases its creative activity ensemble CHebotuha ; The Young inhabitants visit the music school and House childhood and youth; Its creative activity please poets N.CVETKOVA, L.BYKOVA, YU.PETRIN and artists A.LENIKO, S.TALOLIN and others 6. We Remember 7. The towns gets prettier 8. Welcome! Arrive in Krasnoznamensk!!! We you shall be very pleased!