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  • 1. SlideShare & Digg By: Tasha, Becca, Kaleb, & Souleymane
  • 2. History of Digg We are a small team of ten engineers, designers,and editors based in New York City, and we've been working on and thinking about news applications for awhile now. Before we acquired Digg, we launched products for email, iPad, and iPhone out of a startup called Digg was originally founded in 2004, but in the summer of 2012, we rebuilt it from scratch in six weeks.
  • 3. The Purpose of Digg Digg is a social bookmarking site. It is currently one of the biggest and most popular bookmarking sites around, and can be utilized to generate spikes of untargeted-traffic. Digg has articles that you can find right on the front page as well you can also search for the articles that you actually want to ready about.
  • 4. What Digg is used for Digg is used to search for things, such as article and new topics the a reader is curious about. Some people say that Digg is the new google. When the team at Digg found out about google read they figured out that they need to act fast. The resulting void would leave millions of potential users on the hunt for something new, and the recently Betaworks-acquired Digg was unusually well-positioned to build a product dedicated to reading things. But with a limited time frame in which to create Digg Reader, the team had to limit the product's scope and choose its tech tools wisely.
  • 5. Major Features Top Stories Popular Stories Upcoming Stories What You Missed Stories Digg for iPhone & iPad The Daily Digg (email)
  • 6. The Pros The pros that come with Digg would be how it is very easy to find what you need. The layout of the website is very user friendly and anyone is fully capable to figure out the website within five minutes of starting use. Digg is one of the most popular bookmarking sites out right now. We personally liked using digg as part of our project.
  • 7. The Cons It's hard to get your blog posts on the main page of Digg. Top users control much of what gets on the main page of Digg. Traffic that comes from Digg is generally short-lived Spam content finds its way on Digg frequently. People pay the top users and other companies to generate diggs for content and move it to the main page of Digg leaving less chance for your posts to get to the main page. Digg does not like it when users submit their own pages or blog posts and will penalize users who do so too frequently.
  • 8. Everything Else about Digg Things that we learned about Digg is that it doesnt have a broad variety when it comes to searching. Some people say that it is a new google but we found that hard to believe. The search is based more on topics of articles rather than whatever you want to search for. Other than that Digg was fairly easy to understand and a good way to find articles that are interesting to you as a reader.