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More information than you require about the Smithsonian Libraries' mass digitization program. Presentation given to Smithsonian staff (and some others) for a day-long symposium on rapid capture methodology. Focuses on SIL's workflow for scanning books.

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  • 1. MOREMore information on the SIL digitization program than you require Keri Thompson Smithsonian Institution Libraries SPIN Rapid Capture Workshop February 16, 2012
  • 2. Boutique Digitization Boutique One-offs Item-based workflow Tailored metadata Hand-crafted data, much user intervention Opportunistic staffing Project specific grants Illustration by A.E. Marty (1882-1974) Gazette du Bon Genre, July 1920 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 3. Mass DigitizationPrt lire Standardization Format-based workflow and metadata model Automate as much as possible Assigned staff Funding stream New York Millinery and Supply Co. , 1901 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 4. Ramping Up Find your niche Secure Funding Hire Staff Purchase Equipment Standardize on metadata, processes Automate! i.e., find magic automation wizard
  • 5. Our Little Corner of the Web 10 original partner institutions Digitizing legacy literature of taxonomy Over 50,000 titles, over 100,000 items, almost 38 million pages
  • 6. Numbers! Digitization at SI Libraries Storage estimates 1999-present14000 At Internet12000 Archive >10TB10000 too rapid 8000 rapid 6000 not rapid 4000 2000 0 Locally >7.5TB Total Items
  • 7. Funding Multiple grants Over multiple years Lather, rinse, repeat Kalamazoo Tank & Silo Co. Catalog, ca. 1909 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 8. Human Resources Started in 2008 with 2 FTE technicians (Grant) .7 FTE manager .5 FTE cataloger Vendor scanning only And a host of others! In 2012 have 1 FTE technician (Grant) 2 FTE librarians (Grant) International Time Recording Co. .3 FTE manager Time Recording Card Clocks , 1914 , p.12 Smithsonian Institution Libraries 1 scanning technician (Grant) And a host of others!
  • 9. Canon 5D MkII, BiblioPhaseOne P65, CaptureOne BC100,CaptureOne Equipment
  • 10. In-House Scanning P65, 60.5MP camera Strobe lights Image capture Filenaming Crop, rotate No post-processing Convert to .tiff
  • 11. Process(es)(es) presentation Data sources Websitegap-fills Vendor Requests storageIn-house use(exhibitions, br Specialochures) projects
  • 12. Workflow Mark as DB scanned SIRIS Title level Item level MARC URLs in MARC record Initiate metadata workflow Item Select & Check out Check in Check in Scanning available Dedupe and Ship and QC Add link in IA/BHL JP2000s + metadata Harvest to Local Internet Repository ArchiveGeneralized workflow
  • 13. Standardize Process and Data Common staging area Metadata Model Title level (MARC) metadata Item level metadata volume, issue, date, barcode Page level metadata sequence, page number, page type Common storage area Common presentation area Ericsson LM, Can Efficiency be Measured? Stockholm, Sweden, 1946 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 14. Automate Metadata Capture & Transformation Extract title level metadata MARC MARCXML Extract item level metadata From SIRIS SQL db xml file Page level metadata Interface for easy data entryNational Cash Register File creation and conversionAnnual Report, 1953Smithsonian Institution Libraries Upload to staging area
  • 15. Workflow Mark as DB scanned SIRIS Item level Title level metadata MARC URLs in MARC recordInitiateworkflow Creates Item Select & Check out Check in Check in metadata Scanning available Dedupe and Ship and QC Add link Bucket in IA/BHL Transforms Images, cr .tiffs eates Macaw derivatives Page level Temp. metadata Backup to added NAS Packages JP2000s files for + metadata transfer Internet Archive In-house workflow with Macaw
  • 16. Metadata Collection and Workflow (Macaw)
  • 17. Room for Improvement Quality Speed Embed metadata Kenwood Bicycle Mfg. Co. Catalogue for 1895 , 1895 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 18. Future Increase throughput Scan non-book items (MSS) Scan un-cataloged items Frictionless repurposing Output to METS Islandora Local delivery interface Colliers, October 18, 1952 Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • 19. Thank You!THAT IS ALL. Keri @DigiKeri_SIL