Seven 9 Frame Cinematography Analysis By Tatum Evans

Seven 9 frame analysis

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Seven 9 Frame Cinematography

AnalysisBy Tatum Evans

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This is a close up of a book which looks like it has been damaged and full of information due to the ripped pages and the size of the book. The book gives a sense of mystery as the audience aren’t shown what is in the book but are fully engaged in the movie as they want to find out more.

Page 4: Seven 9 frame analysis

This is a birds-eye view shot looking down on a document of broken fingers. There is a red line through the document suggesting danger. The hands almost look as if they are a picture of somebody’s real hands, meaning that somebody has broken the hands and succeeded which is why it has been recorded.

Page 5: Seven 9 frame analysis

An extreme close up of finger nails and a razor imply that a crime has taken place since the character is removing the fingerprint. This connotes that there is something hidden in the story line making the audience want to watch on. We are also able to see every little detail around the nail showing how damaged they are due to a event which may have just taken place.

Page 6: Seven 9 frame analysis

The main title is now shown on several pieces of dark and old paper. The binary opposites of black vs white makes the white title stand out. The old paper may be files that reveal important information. Therefore, the title is important just like the ancient pieces of paper.

Page 7: Seven 9 frame analysis

Editing has been used to create the blurriness in this side on shot. The audience are able to see that there is a letter or information being handwritten, however as it is blurry it makes the writing unable to read. This creates tension for the audience because it displays that there is a secret which will be uncovered in the rest of the film.

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In this frame it shows a background shot of a photograph of a man with a mark across his eyes. The titles are shown on top of the picture and the rest of the shot is filled with darkness. The binary opposite with light vs dark suggest that the photograph is an important fact in which the audience needs to remember.

Page 9: Seven 9 frame analysis

This extreme close up is showing a hand with a bandage on it, reminding the audience of the earlier show of the character taking his fingerprint off. It shows there is one character being described in the opening of the film. The audience are also able to see the grazes on the characters knuckles making them wonder why the fingerprint and why the grazes.

Page 10: Seven 9 frame analysis

Again we see a close up of a document being sown. This hints that from the first shot shown of the book the character sows it all together and adds new information after an event takes place to keep updated. The audience are also, unlike before, to see the writing, however it shows that the writing is un-neat meaning the character may not have much care and is a bit reckless.

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This extreme close up of the words “In God We” the audience first get the aspect of religion being part of the film. These words have been cut out and look like it has been made into a collage, connoting that the character is religious and whatever he does is done of what he thinks God will accept.