Setting out to sea getting students on course for their careers

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  • SETTING OUT TO SEAGetting Students On Course For Their Careers

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Stephanie Grimes


    Educator turned Designer

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Shawn Grimes


    15 years in IT:

    Web Dev, Cyber Security, Mobile App Dev

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    How do we help prepare students for careers and


    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Not This! This!

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Instill in students a sense of exploration and taking action

    on ones own behalf.

    aka Make!

    Wednesday, March 6, 13





    Community Members/Professionals

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    1. Inquire

    2. Do

    3. Promote

    4. Be Responsible

    5. Plan

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

  • 1. INQUIRE

    What jobs are in demand or will be in demand in the near future?

    What sort of education/experience is needed for those jobs?

    ROI - Return On Investment

    What other opportunities are available if I go down that road?

    The Inverse: If I get X degree, what jobs are available/in-demand?

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    If I spend $100,000 on education, and this career only pays $30k/year, how long will it take me to pay back my student loans?Do I need to pay more to go to a more impressive school? Or can I make the same amount of pay with degree from a more affordable school?

    What if I get bored and want to change paths? How easy does my education or field translate?

  • 2. DO

    Practicing Skills

    Meet and network with people in the field / industry you are interested in

    Make peer to peer connections with other students who have similar interests to you

    Try new things, learn new things

    Dont be afraid to fail, make mistakes, or change your mind about what you want to do

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    Practicing skillsStart now, dont wait to finish school.Seek out or create projects that give you a chance to experience different career paths.Create a portfolio of related projects and keep track of activities you have participated in.There is so much information available on the Internet, I dont want to hear, Well I didnt have anyone to show me

    Example: Shawn learns to French BraidMake peer to peer connections with other students who have similar interests to youExample: Elsie

  • 3. PROMOTE

    Establish yourself as an expert.


    Include resum and portfolio

    Social Media

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    Establish yourself as an expert. Pose a question, find the answer, share the answer with others.Website!Theres no excuse not to have one., Tumblr, etc.Should include your resum and portfolio (but be safe, no address or phone numbers, just email and state)

    Social MediaUse Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in to network and share resources with professionals / peers in your interested fieldUse these tools as professional tools, ways to explore your interests and promote yourself Can be part of establishing yourself as an expert


    Social Media

    Think about what Future You would say to Present You if they saw you post that.

    Find a mentor you trust

    Introduce new mentors/professionals/community members to your parents

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    (This pertains especially to social media and website use.)Think of yourself as the professional you want to be one day - ask yourself whether or not that person would post what you are about to post on your website or social media network.Find a mentor you trustThis can be a parent, teacher, or community memberUse them to help you navigate through new opportunities and meeting new peopleIntroduce new mentors / professionals / community members to your parents.

  • 5. PLAN

    If you are not planning for success, you are planning for failure.

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Find and Invite Guest Speakers

    Offer extra help to students who may need help finding their path

    Introduce and use tools that students are likely to use in their future

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

  • MENTOR/PARENT Find professionals to meet and talk

    to your student about their careers.

    The more diverse the experiences, the better.

    Knowing what you DONT want to do is almost as important as knowing what you DO want to do

    You may have to drive to the country, or the city, to find something different than what is local.

    Wednesday, March 6, 13


    Reach out to educators, ask if you can visit and talk about your job.

    Volunteer with organizations who work with young people, lend yourself as a resource to them.

    Be patient but be persistent.

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    Dont be intimidated if an educator cant use you right now. Sometimes educators are just trying to get things settled in their environment. Be persistent and be flexible. If one educator doesnt need your help, try another school in the area.





    Wednesday, March 6, 13

    TwitterExample: Matthews survey of Computer Science students.

  • BMOREPIPELINE.ORG Open to community contribution

    Focuses on: Web, Mobile, Cyber Security and Digital Fabrication


    a list of mentors

    possible paths to get into those fields

    internship opportunities

    a list of local employers and companies in those fields

    Wednesday, March 6, 13

  • GET IN TOUCH Shawn Grimes

    @shawng - STEM Engine Technical Manager

    Stephanie Grimes

    @CreatedBySteph - STEM Engine Project Manager

    Digital Harbor Foundation

    @DHFBaltimore -

    DHF STEM Engine

    Wednesday, March 6, 13