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  • 1.Saudi ArabiaTravel BrochureBy: Sam Elisco and Nick Fazio

2. Saudi Arabia- Where is it?Saudi Arabia is lactated in the Middle East and is bordered by many countriesincluding Yemen, Oman, U.A.E., Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and Jordan. The capital ofSaudi Arabia is Riyadh. Other important cities include Mecca, Medina, and Hofuf. 3. Places To Go- Al Masjid al NabawiAl Masjid al Nabawi or theMosque of the Prophet is locatedin the city of Madina and isconsidered to be the worldssecond holiest mosque. Theoriginal part of the mosque isalso said to be built by theprophet Muhammad himself in622 AD. The mosque was laterexpanded on by other Islamicleaders to create what we seetoday.Al Masjid al Nabawi is located in Madina, SaudiArabia which is shown bolded on the right. 4. Places to Go- Jannat al-BaqiJannat al-Baqi means the TreeGarden of Heaven and issacred to many Muslimsbecause it is believed thatseveral of the prophetMuhammads relatives andfriends are buried there. Someof these relatives include hismother, wife, and grandfather.While men are allowed to visitthis ancient burial, women arenot even permitted to go nearits outer walls.Jannat al-Baqi is located just outside of thecity of Medina shown bolded on the right 5. Places to Go- The Jawatha MosqueThe Jawatha Mosque wasconstructed in the 7th Century bya tribe known as the Bani AbdulQais that inhabited the areaduring an early Islamic period. Itwas the earliest mosque built ineast Arabia and most of theoriginal structure is in ruins.However, whats left of themosque is still an important sitefor prayer.The Jawatha Mosque is located in thevillage of Al-Kilabiyah, about 12kmnortheast of Hofuf, Saudi Arabia 6. Places to Go- Masjid al-QiblatainMasjid al-Qiblatain is a holymosque that is visited bydevout followers of Islamfrom all over the world. It ishistorically important becauseit is said to be the place whereMuhammad changed thedirection of prayer fromJerusalem to Mecca. Themosque ranks among one ofthe most important touristattractions in all of SaudiArabia.The Masjid al-Qiblatain mosque is located inthe holy city of Medina, shown on the right 7. Places to Go- Quba MosqueThe Quba Mosque is the holiest ofholies amoung the Mosques inMedina. It is also the oldestmosque in the world. The mosqueis visited by pilgrims worldwideand is an important part of prayerand worship for Muslimseverywhere. The Quba Mosque is located in Medina and is considered to be its holiest mosque. 8. Places to Go- HabalahHabalah is a destination inSaudi Arabia that was once avillage. The village is locatedon the top of a cliff, which isabout one thousand feethigh and cannot be accessedby road. Habalah is animportant tourist attractionbecause of its sensationalview from the top and itsspectacularly carveddoorways and houses.Habalah is located about 40 kilometersfrom the city of Abha, shown on the 9. Places to Go- MeccaThe city of Mecca is consideredthe holiest city in Islam andwas the birthplace ofMuhammad. It is visited bythousands of Muslims from allover the world every year.Islam recommends that allMuslims, who are fit to do so,undertake a journey to Meccaat least once in their lifetime.This pilgrimage is consideredto be an important spiritualjourney for many Muslims.The location of the city of Mecca isbolded, shown on the right. 10. UniqueHolidays/Celebrations Eid al-Fitr/Djoulde Soumae (End of Ramadan) is aMuslim holiday that celebrates the end of the IslamicHoly month in which participants fast. Saudi National Day celebrates beginning of Saudi Arabiaas a nation. Ed al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) a Muslim celebrationof the willingness of Abraham to sacrifice his son to God. 11. Sports Camel Racing-large numbers of Camels race across theSaudi Arabian dessert. Winners can win various prizes. Tateez- Car Sand Surfing. Similar to water skiing exceptthere is a car instead of a boat. Falconry- The use a trained bird to hunt wildbirds/prey. 12. Food Arabic Coffee- Made from green coffee beans andcardamom this is a traditional Saudi Arabian beverage. Kabsa- A family rice dishes. Usually made from amixture of spices, rice, meat and vegetables. Kleeja- a cookie made from cardamom. 13. Gestures Greetings- Certain greetings include shaking hands,small talk and ritual greetings. For example talkingabout the health of another person. Hospitality- Showing openness and welcome tostrangers. Touching- Long handshakes, no contact betweenopposite sex, grasped elbows. 14. Unique Information Official language is Arabic Largest Country in the Middle East Oil accounts for 90% of exports and 75% ofGovernment revenue 15. Population 26,131,703 as of July 2011 in the country of SaudiArabia. 16. Famous People Abdul Aziz Al-Saud - King of Saudi Arabia Majed Abdullah former Saudi Arabian football striker Mohamed Abdo famous Arabic singer/composer Fahd Ibn Abdek Aziz al Saud Prince of Saudi Arabia 17. Historical Facts Founded in 1932 History of human settlement over 20,000 years ago Prophet Muhammad born in Mecca (Saudi Arabia) Was dominated by Ottoman Empire from the 18thcentury into the 19th century 18. What to BringClothing Men- The typical clothing code for men is along white, shirt-like garment, called aThobe. The thobes look like an extendeddress shirt, complete with different types ofcollars and cuffs. The color of the thobe canchange depending on the time of year orreligious holiday. When wearing shorts,anything shorter than knee length is lookeddown upon unless at a beach. Women- Clothing for women include anAbaya. An Abaya is a black gown worn overnormal clothes. Women should also take ascarf to cover up hair or any other part of thebody that might offend the locals. 19. SouvenirsThere are several different things you can purchase while visiting Saudi Arabia, some ofthem include: Mixed spices Incents including frankincense and myrrh Prayer Rugs Jewelry Fruits including dates Artwork Sculptures Clothing 20. Conflicts and Travel Warnings U.S. Department of State Bureau of ConsularAffairs: Be aware that there is a presence of terroristgroups in Saudi Arabia some having affiliation withAl Qaeda. U.S. citizens should carefully selectwhere they stay while visiting Saudi Arabia. Also,be aware of their surroundings especially whiledriving. 21. Work Cited 22. Work Cited (2)


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