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Rory McGreal's slides from the OER webinar "Open education - global challenges" available at the website Reusing: Give attribution (CC BY) to Rory Mc Greal (not to me!)

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  • 1. Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (some images fair use) UNESCO Chairholders in OER PartnersRory McGreal Wayne Mackintosh Tel Amiel Fred Mulder
  • 3.
  • 4. PhD in the study of OER Fred Mulder
  • 5. Global OER Graduate (School) NetworkGoals1 expand the OER research base2 good quality PhD trajectories3 Universitiesinternationally4 global learning network5 free and easy access toknowledge about OER
  • 6. Susan DAntoni
  • 7. Mapping the global OER landscape The processDesign a prototype mapDiscuss an ideal map and a collaborative mapping strategyEngage the OER community - individuals, institutions and networks
  • 8. Stimulate uptake of OER by policy evidence-based policies Study end-userproducer communities In-depth Euro case-studies & selected others recommendations & actions trustworthy and balanced research results
  • 9. Partners SERO
  • 10. Progress Country reports Draft country reports available Case studies Identified Methodology chosen (Social Network Analysis) Instruments being development (Survey plus semi-structured interviews)
  • 11. Emergent themes Shift from development to OER practices Broader notion of open practices open learning, teaching and research Use of social and participatory media to foster OER communities
  • 12. OERuniversityConcept Jim Taylor
  • 13. Our StudentsFriesen & Murray, 2011Our Education OurSupport Content
  • 14. [email protected]

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