Replacing accident missing teeth with dental implants

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2. Dentures must be removed and cleaned frequently to avoid disease Dentures may move during eating and speaking and require muscle control, which some people find difficult. 3. Denture adhesives may be required and these are messy, tending to trap food particles, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease if any natural teeth remain.Many have a psychological aversion to having dentures and acceptance may be difficult. 4. Patient came with a complaint of broken partial denture in upper front teeth region 5. Image showing missing upper front teeth region 6. Patients broken Removable denture 7. Patients lip position at rest 8. 2 Single piece Dental Implants placed in upper front teeth region 9. Permanent teeth fixed in 4 days 10. Patients lip at rest.. 11. For more Information Log onto: For further details or enquiries mail us to Contact us at +9171515077 / 04443856017 12. ByBest Laser Dental Clinic