Regional Issues for Banned Books in 2014

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In 2013, there were 307 reported requests for books to be removed from America’s libraries, potentially putting those volumes out of reach of students, readers, and learners of all types. While every corner of the map faces unique issues related to library censorship, these issues also catalyze passionate freedom-to-read advocates dedicated to getting the books back on library shelves. In this one-hour webinar, we will “travel” from London, to South Carolina, to Texas, to California, to talk with three activists about the problems they face and their efforts to un-ban books as well as Congresswoman Linda Sanchez about why their efforts are so important.

Text of Regional Issues for Banned Books in 2014

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2. Index on CensorshipBanned books, banned people aninternational perspective#Freetoread14 3. A brief history of Index on Censorship The international landscape: digital freedoms, offlinerepressions Writers under threat 2014 cases in focus"The solution to a book you don't like is to explain whyyou don't like it, point out its flaws, write your ownbook. It's not to get the book pulped because it offendsyou. even if you think it's bad. Especially if you thinkit's bad. Neil Gaiman#Freetoread14 4. India: Penguin pulps The Hindus: An Alternative History Kazakhstan: Aron Atabek placed in solitary confinement China: Hong Kong publisher sentenced Iran: censorship remains in place Journalism under threat: from Honduras to Turkey#Freetoread14 5. The importance of publishing.This year, Index has published writers including:Meltem ArikanLucien BourjeilyAriel DorfmanKaya GencNever have we had more chances to communicate, moreneed to engage with one another, more technologicalhorizons that could lead to a global community. And neverbefore have we had more challenges and threats andsurveillance conspiracies against free expression.Ariel Dorfman, 2014#Freetoread14 6. Banned Books Week 2014Charleston, SCOrganized in part by:#Freetoread14 7. #Freetoread14 8. Presenters#bannedbooksweek#ftrf#Freetoread14 9. #Freetoread14 10. ACLUs 17th annual Banned Books 11. MAS Texas ( Texas ToolkitWe're fine-tuning the MAS TexasTook Kit to help any K-12 teacherincorporate Mexican AmericanStudies. This can range fromimplementing an entire curriculumto using one lesson plan for aparticular unit or obvious time ofyear such as Hispanic HeritageMonth.Veterano Placido Salazar of the Hector P. Garcia American G.I. Forum testfies at theTexas State Board of Education for support of Mexican American Studies.#Freetoread14 12. Librotraficante ( 13. #Freetoread14 14. Every Week is Banned Books Week 15. #Freetoread14 16. #Freetoread14