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<ul><li>1.READ-A-THON By Nour Alaa El GhadbanC5C</li></ul> <p>2. E V E RY D AY U S E BY ALICE WALKER The meaning of Heritage : The quilts, Dees name, strong belief in Black power. Inequality between siblings : Education wise and Maggie thinks Dee has it too easy unlike her. 3. THE SNIPER BY LIAM OFLAHERTY Death : the civil war. Betrayal : The old lady. Blinded by society : Killing ones brother because they were told to. 4. O N E O F T H E S E D AY SBY GABRIEL GARCIA MARQUEZ Power : Politician vs. dentist Corruption : Its the same damn thing when asked where to sendthe bill ; to the mayor or the town. Revenge (or redemption) : Now youll pay for our twenty deadmen 5. ONCE UPON A TIME BY NADINE GORDIMER Fear : Excessive protection all around Irony : treated all throughout the story. What man built, fell uponhim. 6. T H E L O T T E RYBY SHIRLEY JACKSON Fear of Change : Old man Warner, The keep of tradition by thevillage people. Change leading to disaster. Crazy fools. Irony : Lottery today means gain and not death of someone. Lack of Safety : Getting stoned to death due to randompersecution. </p>