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This is a simple "c++" project on RAILWAY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

Text of Railway reservation(c++ project)

  • 1. K I I M SD E B A S H I S R A T HB S C ( I T M ) 2 n dR o l l n o : - 0 1 C I T M 1 2 2 0 1 49 / 1 0 / 2 0 1 4COURSE CORDINATOR:- AYUSHI MITRA[This is a RAILWAY RESERVATION SYSTEM software whichis done in c++ language. By this we can search for thetrain, chose it, and by giving the exact details we canreserve the train by staying anywhere. ]

2. I am using this opportunity to express my gratitudeto everyone who supported me throughout the 3. course of this BSC(ITM)2nd YEAR project. I amthankful for their aspiring guidance, invaluablyconstructive criticism and friendy advice during theproject work. I am sincerely grateful to them forsharing their truthful and illuminating views on anumber of issues related to the project.I express my warm thanks to Ms. AYUSHIMITRA fortheir support and guidance at KIIMS.I would also like to thank my project external guideand all the people who provided me with thefacilities being required and conductive conditionsfor my BSC(ITM)2nd YEAR project.Thank you,DEBASHIS RATHREAD MOREThis project introduces railway reservation system . It explains howreservation is being done in Indian Railways . The step by step procedure 4. is explained . This project is developed in c ++ language . Allmost all theheader files have been used in this project. Proper comments have beengiven at desired locations to make the project user friendly. Variousfunctions and structures are used to make a complete use of thislanguage.Thos project is well versed with the programming . Railwayreservation can easily accompanied with the help of this.Today one cannot afford to rely on the fallible human beings of be reallywants to stand against todays merciless competition where not to wisesaying to err is human no longer valid, its outdated to rationalize yourmistake. So, to keep pace with time, to bring about the best result withoutmalfunctioning and greater efficiency so to replace the unending heaps offlies with a much sophisticated hard disk of the computer. One has to usethe data management software. Software has been an ascent inatomization various organizations. Many software products working arenow in markets, which have helped in making the organizations workeasier and efficiently. Data management initially had to maintain a lot ofledgers and a lot of paper work has to be done but now software producton this organization has made their work faster and easier. Now only thissoftware has to be loaded on the computer and work can be done. Thisprevents a lot of time and money. The work becomes fully automated andany information regarding the organization can be obtained by clicking thebutton. Moreover, now its an age of computers of and automating such anorganization gives the better look. 5. The objective of RTS Project is to design software to fully automate theprocess of issuing a railway ticket.That is:-1. To create a database of the trains2. To accept the user information and issue PNR (Passenger NameRecord) number.3. To calculate fare4. To develop a journey plannerFront-end : Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0Back-end : Microsoft Access 2007We analyzed and conclude that project can be implemented using 3 majormodules:-(i) Ticket Reservation(ii) Ticket Cancellation(iii) Status checkingThey can be represented in DFDs as:- 6. Option SelectEnterinternalformsLogged inas AdminEditstructure ofdatabaseReservation/Cancellation/StatusLogged in asOperator 7. User InputProcessRequestCheckAdd to datastoreReservationDoneData store 8. User InputProcessRequestCheckCancellationDelete if Doneappropriate elsesend ERRORmessageData storeThis is the module one and this comprises of following subtasks:- 9. i. Checking for availabilityii. Accepting detailsIii. Journey plannerThis is the process of checking the trains database to check whetherseats are vacant or not. That is the whether the ticket that will be reservedis Available or RAC or a Waiting list.This includes following steps :-a) Gathering passenger detailsb) Processing the ticket requestc) Calculation of fared) Issuing the PNRe) Issuing ticket detailsThis is an innovative idea we are proposing. Softwares first and foremostrequirement is that it should lessen or eliminate manual exertion. That is, itshould be as user friendly as possible.Now what we propose to achieve by this is, by just entering the startingand ending station, we will get the list of following details 10. 1.Direct trains to the destination2.Connection trains which are feasibleThis process lets the passenger / operator know the status of the ticket.There are three possible states for a ticket to be ina)Confirmedb)RACc)Waiting listThis process is used to issue the current state of the ticket.This is the task of canceling a railway ticket. Cancellation leads to therearrangement of the database containing the allotted passengers details.a) Cancellation of a confirmed ticket involves transforming the RAC-1to the cancelled ticket and moving all the RAC and Waiting list entries upby one.b) Cancellation of a RAC involves moving the succeeding RAC andwaiting list entries up by one.c) Cancellation of a Waiting list just involves the moving up by one allthe succeeding Waiting list entries. 11. I. PROCESSOR: PENTIUM (ANY) OR AMDATHALON(3800+-4200+DUAL CORE)II. MOTHERBOARD: 845 OR 915,995FOR PENTIUM0R MSI K9MM-V VIA K8M800+8237RPLUS CHIPSETFOR AMD ATHALONIII. RAM: 512MBIV. Hard disk: Sata 40 gb or aboveV. CD/DVD r/w multi drive comboVI. FLOPPY DRIVE: 1.44 MBVII. MONITOR: 14.1 or 15 -17 inchVIII. Key board and mouseIX. Printer#include 12. #include#include#include#include#includevoid res_menu();void help();void colyb(){textcolor(YELLOW);textbackground(BLUE);}void coldes(int a,int b){textcolor(a);textbackground(b);}void s(int i,int j){for(int a=i;a>0;a-=j)sound (a);}void saund(int j){j=0;for(int i=20;i