Questions and Answers in a Virtual World : Educators and Librarians as Information Providers in Second Life

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Elfreda A. Chatman Research Proposal Award Presentation by Lorri Mon, Florida State Universty


  • 1.Questions and Answers in a Virtual World : Educators and Librarians as Information Providers in Second Life Dr. Lorri Mon, Florida State University SIG-USE Elfreda A. ChatmanResearch Proposal Award, 2007

2. Active http://www.activeworlds.com Getty Art Museum in WhyvilleWhyville Habbo Hotel* The Blue Book: A Consumer Guide to Virtual Worlds 3. IBMSUN MICRO- SYSTEMS DELLDELL Second LifeCDC SONY BMGLaunched in 2003; 10 million+ registered (6 millionunique registered users) free basic accounts in 2006;audio in 2007; over 80 universities, many libraries; 390square miles of virtual land (6 times the size of D.C.) 4. Research Questions How does embodiment as an avatar within a virtual worldimpact the information-seeking interaction between informationservice providers and information seekers? Are there aspects to virtual worlds self-presentation byinformation seekers or information service providers that inhibitor are detrimental to the success of an information interaction? Are there aspects to virtual worlds self-presentation byinformation seekers or information service providers thatenhance or facilitate the success of an information interaction?MethodInterviews, observations and screenshots are used in examining theself-presentations, working environments & information objectsused by virtual world information providers; analysis is framed byErving Goffmans work on self-presentation & information control. 5. LIS 5916 Class, Sept. 19, 2007 6. The Working Environment: Information ArchitecturesPrinceton U.UNC-CH FSUMYTHICA DREXEL 7. The Working Environment: Alexandrine Libraries The LibraryofAlexandriaHobbit Shire Library 1800s Dirigible Library 8. The Information Providers Role: Issues of Presentation of the Self Trust:"are youreally alibrarian?n00bs a conservative or professional appearancevs.[my alt has blue hair]residents"...frombrandnewbie towell-dressed..." 9. Avatar and Self IdentityI wanted it tolook like myselfall my avatars look like me or express the realme in some way ..."I feel weird coming inworld as my alt ... it is likepretending! i feel like this is really me.""I am not comfortable with the idea of creating amale alt and pretending it is me although I havea male friend who uses a female alt at the refdesk because she is more "approachable. 10. the majority of Questions are about SLa lot of How tos... and Where do I startsHow to (examples): Where to (examples): earn money in SL? go to learn skills learn to build or script? find interesting sims dance / stop dancing find educational places join a non-profit find specific places, e.g. clothes / hair is there a sim here for.... communicating where is Specialists (law & health/medicallibrarians) reported more RL questionsthan generalists (reference librarians,educators) divorce disability diseases and prognoses 11. Answers, Information Tools & ObjectsWorn by info providers: In the environment radar hud Whiteboard (ppts) Babbler Thinc book BOOK costumes Objects w/infoGiven out: calendars notecards LINKS teleport map landmarks time zone map textures video objectsVIDEO podcast/radio SCRIPTTEXT CHATPODCAST TEXTURE/IMAGE NOTECARD 12. Asynchronous Answers:Games and ChatbotsNotre Dame _blacklibrary 13. Immersive and InteractiveSistine Chapel - Vassar NOAA Weather Demo Reuters News NOAA Hurricane Sim Shakespeares Globe Theatre Roma Classical Rome 14. Experiential Learning SpacesInset: ClickableLatin graffitiRoma: Notecard gives the history of Trajans Column inancient Rome 15. Virtual World Information Spaces theres still a personal space issue 16. Wish List for Info Providers more prims per parcel to be able to do real html ... create and displayinteractive html pages in world ability to create or at least easily display externaldatabases to store info being able to drag from my desktop directly into SL-- like WORD documents. to be able to search my inventory by creator of item to be able to query the system for where all thethings Ive made are to be able to query objects for their scripts to be able to track when people copy and passaround an info-object that I made 17. Princeton U. American Cancer SocietyUIUC - LISExamples of universities, libraries andnonprofit organizations in Second Life Questions?U. of North Carolina-CH - LISClearwater Public Library, FLGlenview Public Library San Jose State U- LIS Shawnee-Topeka PL 18. To contact me: Email: or SL: Lorri MomijiMon, L. (2009). Questions and Answers in a Virtual World :Educators and Librarians as Information Providers in Second Life.Journal of Virtual Worlds Research, Volume 2, Number 1 (April 2009).