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Quontra Solutions QTP online IT training programs constitute an excellent platform for freshers and experienced professionals looking for a challenging career in the software industry. Beneficially, our IT training programs allow employees and students to avail training at their own pace, achieve custom schedules, and minimize loss of productivity. Exclusive course features: Featured instructors with global experience Customized training with subject matter expertise Live mobile developing/testing projects to test your learning skills Tailored courses for each mobile device Interactive sessions through webinars with peers and faculty Newsletters with market updates Open forums, blogs, mock interviews and interview questions For more details: http://www.quontrasolutions.com Email: info@quontrasolutions.com Call us: US: +1 404-900-9988. UK: (20)3734 1498. fallow us @ https://twitter.com/QuontraTraining https://www.facebook.com/pages/Quontra-Solutions/615068068589575


  • 1. info@quontrasolutions.comQucikTest PPrrooffeessssiioonnaall 88..22TTuuttoorriiaallwww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988

2. info@quontrasolutions.comOOuuttlliinneeAutomated TestingQTP IntroductionPreparationRecordEnhanceRun & DebugReferencewww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 3. info@quontrasolutions.comDrawbacks of manual testing Time-consuming and tedious Impossible to test each feature thoroughlywww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 4. info@quontrasolutions.comBenefits of ATFastReliableRepeatableProgrammableComprehensiveReusablewww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 5. info@quontrasolutions.comQTP Introduction What is QTP?Mercury QuickTest Professional is functional test andregression test automation solution that address everymajor software application and environment. Basic purpose: to test standard web object,ActiveX controls and Visual Basic controls Structure: B/S and C/Swww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 6. info@quontrasolutions.comTesting processPreparationRecordEnhanceRun & DebugAnalyzewww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 7. info@quontrasolutions.comPreparationTesting Plan:What process and web?Whats the expected?When to begin and end?Computer:Close unneeded software (anti-virus, etc)Internet Explorer settingsQTP:QTP 8.2 or newerRequired add-inwww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 8. Recordinfo@quontrasolutions.comQuickTest WindowHop to record?www.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 9. info@quontrasolutions.comwww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 10. info@quontrasolutions.comEnhance your test Add comment Creating checkpoints Parameterizing TestsSuggestions:Playback of it firstwww.quontrasolutions.com Ph. (404)-900-9988 11. info@quontrasolutions.comAdd Comment Browser("Browser").Page("Page_2").WebEdit("#hobby").Set "Readingnovels" Browser("Browser").Page("Page_2").WebButton("Submit").Click Rem Rem