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Ukraine, Khmelnitskyi, school 6


  • 1. My name is Karina and I am 13 years old. Im from Ukraine. I live in Ukraine, Khmelnitskiy. Its a nice place. There is lot of greenery and there is almost no pollution at all. However there arent many facilities for young people. I study at school number six, 8-a form. I have many hobbies and many different interests. I attended different clubs: gymnastics, dancing, painting and decorative clay modeling. Now I go to art school, dance school and drama school. These are my favorite activities. Drawing is my hobby. It helps me to develop my fantasy. I think fantasy is very good, especially for my future profession. Dancing is my little hobby too. I think, every girl and boy should be able to dance well. I want to dance well and I will. And drama school is very important for me. Because I want to become an actress. At weekends I like to walk and have fun with my friends. We go to cinema, park, cafe and other places. Sometimes my parents and I go to the theater. I love music very much, especially rock, classical and pop. At school I have many favorite subjects. For example English, German, Ukrainian Language and World Literature. I think its important to speak English. Because I would like to communicate and to find new friends from other countries, to travel, listen and understand music and watch films and in English. Now let me tell you about my school day. Every day in our school lessons start at half past eight. My class is in Biology room on the second floor. Its a very beautiful cabinet. There are many different plants. Every day we have seven lessons and six breaks: four by ten minutes and two big by twenty minutes.

2. Hello! My name is Yulia. Im 13 years old. I live in Ukraine, Khmelnitskyi. My city is very nice and picturesque. My hobby is dancing. It is one of the most beautiful kinds of art. I go to dancing club twice a week, it helps me to keep fit and moreover, I found new friends here. In my free time I watch TV, play computer or surf the internet. Also, I like reading books. At weekends I help my mum to cook. We love Ukrainian cuisine, my favourite dish is borshch and for a dessert I like eating candies, pies and cakes. I like my school, classmates and teachers, but I like holidays more. Our school starts at 8.30 and its over at 3.15 p.m. We have lunch at school after the third lesson. We usually have 7 lessons a day. 3. Hello! My name is Angelina. I am 13. Im from Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine. My hobby is drawing. In my free time I like to draw people and nature. On weekends I spend my free time with friends and family. We often go to the cinema, theatre or to the museums. My favorite music is House & Dance. I adore music, its my second hobby. I like speaking English, by the way, its one of my favorite subjects at school. I want to master my knowledge of English and it may help me to find a good job in the future. My working day starts at 8.30 a.m. I have seven lessons every day. We usually have lunch at the school canteen after the third lesson. During the breaks our pupils can go outdoors and play different games. Lessons finish at 3.15 p.m. I would be glad to find friends from other countries! 4. Hi! My name is Arthur. Im 13. I live in Ukraine, Khmelnitskyi. Our city is very nice and attractive. We have many places of interest here. There are churches, cinemas, a theatre, a philharmonic, and other places to visit. Im keen on playing chess. I am interested in chess because it develops my wit and helps me to think logically. At weekends I usually stay at home and have a rest. I have a younger sister. Her name is Yana. On holidays my sister and I visit our grandparents in the village. Our family is very friendly. I like going to school, I have many friends there. I like intervals more than lessons. After the third lesson we go to the canteen to eat lunch. After school I go home or play football in the school playground. 5. My name is Lena. Im 14. I live in Ukraine, Khmelnitskyi. Im keen on playing volleyball. Also, I like playing football with friends. I usually communicate with friends in weekends. We go to the cinema or to the park, play computer or go in for sport. On weekends I dont get up early, I like sleeping. My favourite subjects at school are Sport, English and World Literature. But I like sport most of all because it helps me to be healthy. I like English because its very important and interesting subject. Everyone should know it, if you want to go abroad and communicate with people from other countries, because its an international language. I would be glad to find friends from other countries. 6. My name is Maxim. Im 13 years old. I live in the beautiful city Khmelnitskyi which is situated in the western Ukraine. My hobby is modeling and constructing. On weekends I visit my Granny in the village and help her to gather berries and fruits in the garden in autumn and summer. I enjoy listening folk songs, my favourite subject at school is Music. My favourite dish is Kyiv chicken cutlet. I study at school 6. My classroom is on the second floor. Lessons start at 8.30. Each lesson lasts for 45 minutes. We have 2 long breaks and 5 short. We go to the school canteen to eat lunch during the first long break. Lessons finish at 3.15 p.m. That is my school day. I would like to find friends from other countries and to know more about their life, cities and hobbies. 7. My name is Max. I am 13. I am from Khmelnitskyi, Ukraine. My hobby is riflery. I often go to the shooting gallery on weekends. I also do my lessons, visit relatives, go to the sport section and meet my friends. I like listening to rock music. My favourite food is pizza. My favourite subject at school is Maths. I study two foreign languages at school: English and German. I think that to know English is very useful and important. It is an international language. I have six or seven lessons at school every day. During the long break I have lunch in the school canteen on the ground floor. After the lessons we tidy up our classroom and go home. Sometimes we are on duty in the school canteen. My classmates and I take part in the school concerts and competitions. I like my school life. 8. Hello! My name is Zhenya. Im 14. My hobby is playing football. Im fond of dancing. A go to the dance club every day. We train and then take part in the concerts not only in our city but in other places of Ukraine. I am a good obedient son. I help my parents about the house. I like my school life as I have many friends here and we spend much time together.