Public Speaking and Communication Skills Workshop

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Will developing your public speaking or motivational speaking skills help you towards fulfilling your calling or purpose in life? If so then this is for you...


<ul><li> 1. EMERGE LEADERSHIP UK CICPUBLIC SPEAKING AND COMMUNICATIONSKILLS WORKSHOP SATURDAY 22ND MARCH 2014 THE LIBRARY OF BIRMINGHAMHOW TO EFFECTIVELY ENGAGE YOUR AUDIENCE AND HAVE GREAT STAGE PRESENCE Most people have the ability to get their message across well in certain settings but may feel less comfortable in others. If you are looking to move into your first recognised leadership or team management role, or have recently done so, and you want to do more to improve the way you communicate your message to those around you, this course is for you. Get the desired response from your audience and discover tips to make your ordinary speech GREAT. Effective communication starts with understanding and developing your CORE MESSAGE and your KEY SKILLS. Whether it is a one to one situation, a board meeting or a presentation to hundreds of people, our system is proven to help you to consistently get your point across clearly and effectively.WHO SHOULD ATTEND?Those that need to raise their confidence levels and ensure their message has the desired impact. This may include: Directors making presentations on behalf of their company or to employees Salespeople delivering proposals Managers hoping to motivate workers Key staff who have regular contact with clients Those who stand to reap the greatest benefits will be individuals who are uncomfortable or even fearful of presenting or need to improve their communication skills.THE TRAINERYour trainer will be Errol Lawson. Errol is an experienced Leadership Coach, Author and Professional Speaker and a member of the Professional Speakers Association.The course will cover:MODULE IThe seven (7) levels of speaking awareness - from fear to masteryMODULE IIHow to engage with your audience and speak with authority This course is very practical and is designed to develop the unique strengths of the delegate so they can present to the best of their ability. Each delegate will have the opportunity to have a speech recorded on camera.SCHEDULE 09:00am 9:15am Registration 09:15am 9:30am Welcome + Introduction 09:30am 10:15am Module I 10:15am 12:15pm Module II 12:15pm 12:35pm Break 12:35pm 1:00pm Summary questions + evaluations 01:00pm CloseCOST: ONLY 125.00 + VAT*per personBOOK BEFORE 1ST MARCH AND GET A 10% DISCOUNT Book your tickets at : us now on +44 (0) 7852 397747 for more information. Email / *(Only 15 spaces per workshop. Further follow up sessions can be booked for those requiring further support)I saw Errol deliver a presentation skills masterclass to group of students in the Midlands. His obvious expertise and professional manner gave them confidence to engage and have a go. Great content, sincere/genuine guy with a huge passion BOOK HIM! David Hyner FPSA .. Professional motivational speaker</li></ul>


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