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  • 1. Promotional methods & New media

2. Traditional and modern promotional methods Through traditional means of promotion I will be able to gain access to the slightly older members of my audience who dont have access to modern technology. Therefore, I intend to promote my magazine through methods such as Radio, newspapers as well as placing advertisements on buses and billboards. One effective way of promoting my magazine to the audience is through advertising on buses and billboards. Buses travel around different cities and areas in London on a daily basis therefore, these advertisements would be able to catch the attention of those who use buses commonly as a means of transport whilst driving past. In addition to this, advertisements for my magazine will also be paced on buss shelters so that the audience can also view the advert whilst they are waiting for their buses. This way the general public can gain an idea of the magazine as well as its image. This will be very efficient in places in the city such as central London, where there are many tourists which means that my magazines audience will widen as it will also capture the attention of foreign travellers. Similarly, I would also advertise my magazine on Billboards placed across the country. Billboards are very big therefore, this will ensure that the public attention will be captured and that more people are aware of my magazine. It will also spark the publics interest and increase my magazines readership and circulation.Other traditional promotional methods that will benefit my magazine include the use of radio and television advertising. Considering the fact that my target mainly involves younger audiences of 18-25 I believe that TV advertisement is the most effective way of promoting my magazine, as young people tend to spend a lot of time watching TV. Placing adverts in the middle of the favourite programs will ensure that their attention is attracted as the adverts will give them a visual idea of my magazines image leading to an increase In readership and awareness of magazine. In terms of radio advertisement, I would ask to have slot in big time radio stations. I feel that this would be good ideas as younger members of my audience are probably most likely to listen to music on the radio. Preferably ,I would advertise my magazine on rock radio stations as this is the genre of my magazine and this would raise more interest in my magazine as people who like this genre of music would most likely be interested in my magazine. Modern promotional methods include the uses of social networking sites such Facebook and twitter as well as the internet. These methods would be very effective is raising awareness of magazine as my audience mainly consists of young females and males within the age range of 18-25. Therefore they are more likely to keep up to date with modern technology and use it as a means of information and entertainment on a daily basis. Through social networking sites such Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, the audience will be able to keep up to date on all thats trending in the music scene. This means that promoting my magazine online would raise awareness of my magazine and allow the audience to explore my magazine and gain a general idea of it. This will also ensure that more people are talking about it online, therefore increasing circulation and readership. It would be helpful to set a page/account on each of these sites where news is updated everyday. This way, online viewers will be able be to gain access to information about my magazine easily. 3. Use of New Media New media refers to on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, and creative participation. Another aspect of new media is the real-time generation of new, unregulated content. Due to the fact that new media is used daily as a result of modern technology and the internet, it would be the most efficient way of promoting my magazine. A mobile phone app will be available for people to download, so that they are able to receive notifications whilst being outside of your home constantly. This way readers will also be able to keep with all types of information relating to my magazine. It would also mean that the readers will be able to interact more with things to do with my magazine. Short articles and reviews will posted on the app regularly and the readers would be instantly notified. Similarly, a Facebook page will be set up where readers can like and then receive exclusive content that will be included in the next issue of the magazine. The page will also provide short videos and a range of photo shoot images involving their favourite artists and bands. Through the pages the readers will be notified about upcoming tours and online competitions being hosted by my magazine. This way the readers will feel more involved as these types of things will benefit. In addition, more audience interaction can occur. Twitter is also another way of promoting my magazine and making the readers are able to access my magazine. This site can also be accessed via phone app or the internet, this ensure that readers receive information by following the magazine so all the information is available in their news feed. My magazine will also update regularly to ensue that audience benefit as much as possible. Hashtags will also benefit my magazine hugely as it as good way showing what is currently trending on twitter ensuring that people are kept up to date with things. This could also increase my magazine readership as the more people use hashtags involving my magazine the more people that will know about it.Instagram is another good way of promoting my magazine as pictures of recent photo shoots will be posted on there, providing the audience with exclusive behind the scenes content to ensure readers look forward to what will be included in the next issue of the magazine.