Professional Learning Through Social Media: WHY?

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Presentation given to educators in the Fraser-Cascade School District (BC) about WHY we need to share and connect as professional learners. Also includes the HOW of Twitter.


<ul><li>1.Professional LearningThrough Social Media#SD78WhyChris Image:</li></ul> <p>2. about me 3. What is your learning story?What is your school/class/districtslearning story?Who is telling it? Image: 4. Where doyour ideascome from?Could they be improved?Could others benefit from them? 5. My connected journey 6. I thought Twitter was all about this 7. And thisVia @gcouros 8. @MrWejr 9. Learning from and with other leaders 10. Meeting old friends...For thefirst time 11. A Growing Network... 12. Why? 13. Who is creating your digital footprint 14. The Story&amp;inspiration of Lilee-Jean 15. Connect.Form Relationships.Learn. 16. The smartest person in theSmartest is the room room is the room itself. -- David WeinbergerImage: 17. We have alwaysoverestimated the value ofaccess to information andunderestimated the value ofaccess to each other.Clay Shirky 18. Chance favours a connected mindWhere good ideas come from Steven Johnson 19. Connecting With Leading Minds 20. Professional ConnectionsPersonal Relationships 21. Share ideas. Share stories.Share moments. 22. Stealing, building upon,sharing great ideas... 23. Share stories. 24. Sharing Through Images 25. 26. Use stories to share ideas 27. 28. Share YourPersonal Side 29. Share personal moments 30. Bring People Together. 31. Support DuringTimes of Struggle 32. Create an onlineSchoolCommunity 33. 34. Do parents actually engage indialogue with the school through social media? 35. Learning Networks Education will change from the ground up teachers asprofessionals doing great work and sharing it via social media.-- Elisa Carlson #sd36learn 36. #Kinderchat #EdcampKinder 37. If we want our students to take risks,connect, and collaboratewe need to model this. Image: 38. My challenge to you:Start Connecting 39. StartHere 40. Connecting takes time and effort 41. Share/Connect on a Deeper Level 42. Create a Class or SchoolFacebook Page 43. Find tools that work for you 44. Be transparent. Be authentic.Image: 45. Its not about how you find the time but how you prioritize your time.Image: 46. Find Your Balance 47. Via @courosa 48. Harness the Power of aGlobal Personal Learning NetworkBecome a connected learner.Become a connected leader.Share the stories. 49. HOW?Getting Started With Chris Wejr @chriswejr 50. Image: Learning is often messy 51. @ RT 52. Who Do I Follow? Why would anyone follow me? 53. Twitter Search Search by Hashtags including #sd78#bced #bcedplan #edtechBC#elemchat#bclearns#edchat #kinderchat#ntchat #cpchat#ptchat 54. Some info to get you started 55. Acknowledgments:George Couros Lyn HiltAlec Couros Brian KuhnChris Kennedy 56. Connect With </p>


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