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  • Investing in Technology and Reaping the Rewards Presentation by Kristi Ziegler

  • The Impact of Technology

    Technology: Impact on Student Learning

    Technology: Impact on Teacher Pedagogy

    Technology: Impact on Workforce

  • Technology: Impact on Student Learning

  • If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow. John Dewey

  • Technology: Impact on Teacher Pedagogy

  • Survey of Teachers

  • Technology: Impact on Workforce60% of todays jobs require technology skills and the number is estimated to grow to 90 percent in the next 50 years. (U.S. Department of Education)

    The unskilled labor market is disappearing. Basic, technology literacy is and will be fundamental for employability. (International Center for Leadership in Education)

    Students must have access to the technical, digital and career pathway skills necessary for success in the global economy. (edtechactionnetwork.org)

  • The benefits of technology are clearly justified. With the assistance of technology, teachers and students can both improve their learning and teaching to refine their skills for the 21st century. Our workforce at home and globally will be impacted by our students who will need to utilize their technology skills in their careers.

    Introduce myself and my qualifications and begin presentation by stating the title and why I feel the investment in technology is important for the school district as a whole and our community and then move onto the next slide.

    *In this presentation, I will share with you the continued rewards your school district will receive as you move forward with implementing technology in the 21st century classroom. The rewards I would like to focus on are how technology impacts student learning, how technology impacts teacher pedagogy, and how technology impacts the workforce.*In the slide I will share the following research information I have found regarding student learning and how technology has an impact on student learning and personal growth. Students who use the internet to research topics, share information and complete a final project become independent and critical thinkers. How Does Technology Influence Student Learning? By John Cradler, Mary McNabb, Molly Freeman and Richard BurchettStudents demonstrate higher levels of motivation and engagement when using technology. Integrating Technology in the Classroom: how Does It Impact Student Achievement? Antionette Harvey-WoodallStudents attitudes towards learning and their own self-concept improved consistently when technology is used as a learning tool. Benefits of Technology in Todays Classrooms Crystal GasellTechnology based assignments allow students more freedom, which allows them to think critically about their learning and investigate outside the basic assignment in order to make it meaningful to them and their peers. How Does Technology Influence Student Learning? By John Cradler, mary McNabb, Molly Freeman and Richard Burchett

    *John Dewey was an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. As I am discussing the impact on student learning I will click to this slide and how we have to move forward in the 21st century by utilizing the technology that many students are already use in their personal life.

    *In this slide I will provide research information regarding the benefits of teachers using technology in the classroom.The use of technology can serve as a catalyst for helping teachers understand individual learning styles of the students they teach. Technology in the Classroom: how Does It Impact Student Achievement? Antionette Harvey-WoodallBuilding lessons on a solid, research-based foundation of effective strategies and adding appropriate technologies ensure high-quality instruction that has the potential of maximizing student achievement. Building Better Instruction How Technology Supports Nine Research-Proven Instructional Strategies Kathy Brabec, Kimberly Fisher and Howard PitlerTeachers spend less time lecturing and more time interacting with students who work in cooperative groups. Benefits of Technology in Todays Classrooms Crystal Gasell Technology gives teachers an excellent opportunity to learn from the student but also to model being an information seeker, lifelong learner, and risk taker. Critical Issue: Promoting Technology Use in Schools. Jan Gahala

    *Survey done of teachers in the Sioux City School System from the Whats The Tech Buzz blog. This is a nice graph to share how technology improved the learning environment for teachers in the classroom. *This slide is straightforward in the sharing of research and statistics that technology is the tool in the workplace today and the student who goes out into the workforce should have the technology skills to be successful in their career choice..*Graph showing the use of technology in the workforce from Understanding Your Colleagues Technology Uptake: Workplace Technographics Reineke Ritsma blog Reineke serves Market Insights Professionals and leads a team that helps these professionals understand the changes happening in the market insights industry and how they should adapt.

    *I will end with this slide and will state verbatim was is on the slide as I think it is important for those to hear and read at the same time. *