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Play, Games, GBL, Serious Games, Gamification?A quick introduction

GBL is the use of games (analog or digital) in teaching a subject matter. The idea is to get students to play with already made games to fulfill a learning objectives.

This shouldnt be construed as a claim that everything is a game. Games are a particular manifestation of play, not its totality. They happen to be a good starting point for an investigation of play because the formality of their rules makes the machinery of play easier to observe and analyse Upton, 2015

Serious GamesDigital Games + Serious purpose(s)

Gamification market to grow at 48% by 2019 worldwide RnR Market Research 2015

Gamification ranging from simple point badges and leaderboards in four square and linked in to something which is more intricsic in fitbit, zombierun and Foldit crowd science- solving scientific problems using game-based approaches Gamification is about designing and harnesing from experience. Experience is as if not more important than knowledge itself. It's the relatedness (RAMP). PERMA

Pervasive and Hybrid experience

Gaming crossing with Gamification?

: with TaleBlazer (MIT)

The crossings between gamification and pervasive gaming 1) physical experience; 2)mental challenge; 3) social experience; 4) immersion.

How many Wallys were there?

8 !!!

. Ludus Latin it doesn't differentiate learning from playing and when we play when we were child everything so hybrid we interact with my environment we learn through making mistakes and we try again and this is what we should do