Pineapple exports from Ecuador to Russia

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Students research on potencial Ecuadorian Pineapple exports to Russia.

Text of Pineapple exports from Ecuador to Russia

  • 1. Logistics and Distribution Topic: Export of Pineapples to Russia Members: Grade 9 Melissa Leon Carlos Jurado Kevin Chiquito Mara Mercedes Cruz Andrea Snchez Suanny Franco Nancy Zurita Rayner Villalba Brilly Perandres Juan Jose Vasquez 5TH Semester Course: A Lecturer: Max Galarza
  • 2. Background Russia imposed a ban on food imports from the European Union (EU), the United States and other Western countries that have imposed sanctions on Moscow for its conflict with Ukraine. Latin America will not yield to pressure from the European Union or will let pass opportunities to increase exports to Russia despite the disapproval of the West. Brussels wants to put pressure on countries who declared willingness to compensate for exports to Russia after Moscow veto of us imports.
  • 3. According to data of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, exports of Ecuador to the Russian Federation have increased by 69% over the last years. During the last presidential meeting, Ecuador and Russia agreed to reduce tariffs in the exports of traditional ecuadorian products. Ecuador has become the 3rd Latin-American country to which the Russian Federation imports products with a 18, 52% of participation until 2010. Background
  • 4. What does Russia import from the EU? Lithuania Russia imports cheese, cottage cheese, meat, feed, beverages, potatoes, canned beans, fish and pork from Lithuania. Poland Russia is one of the largest buyers of fruit and vegetables. Poland losses could rise to 841 million euros. Germany It is the main European partner of Russia Besides exporting technology, machinery, vehicles and consumer goods, Russia imports from that nation meat and dairy products. Netherlands Russia imports dairy products, eggs, cereals and livestock. Denmark This country exports to Russia dairy products, eggs, honey, meat, fish and seafood. Spain Spain exported to Russian agricultural and food products, including fish, which are now subject to the Russian embargo, according to data provided today by Brussels. The main products imported from Spain in Russia are fruit, frozen meat, olives and olive oil.
  • 5. One of the main advantages is that the Russian market has a strong growth potential and can present more trade and investment opportunities, especially with the current situation. Because of Russia's geographic location, only certain varieties of fruits can be harvested like: apples, pears, strawberries, among others; for only three months in the year. It is the third largest importer of fruits in the world. The recent trade agreements between Ecuador and Russia allow to enjoy certain types of preferences to export to this destination. Why export to Russia?
  • 6. Exports for Non traditional Fruits to the world
  • 7. Exports for Pineapples to the world
  • 8. Export of Pineapples The pineapple is extremely fresh and sweet fruit with genuine flavor. The pineapple plant first grew in South America and finds the environment in Ecuador natural for growing. Pineapples, just like bananas, are capable of ripening on their own after they have reached a certain size. This facilitates their transport and delivery by sea to every part of the world. This fruit is delivered in the European Union, the rest of the countries in Europe and Russia in a less percentage.
  • 9. The availability of pineapple in Ecuador is given throughout the year. The major pineapple plantations in the country have international certifications such as the GLOBAL GAP. Pineapple production in Ecuador has performed well in the last decade thanks to the excellent conditions to crop this fruit. Actually, more than 100 containers per week are currently exported to different markets for fruit, with a production of around 2,500 hectares.
  • 10. Location There are approximately six thousand hectares of pineapple farms in Ecuador. Approximately a third of this land is dedicated to growing pineapples for export The main pineapple plantations are located in the coastal provinces for being a tropical fruit, the most important areas are Guayas, Los Ros and Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas, followed by El Oro, Esmeraldas and Manab. The first three provinces are those with better conditions for pineapple production in the country. With the main port in Guayaquil, is easier to arrive to it and exporters can save costs.
  • 11. Percentage of production of Pineapples per province
  • 12. Types of Pineapples The Smooth Cayenne, better known as Champaca or Hawaiian, that is used mostly in agricultural industry. The Golden Sweet, also known as MD2, which is characterized by a sweet taste, size and aroma. This variety is the most exported in Ecuador.
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