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1. Photoshop editing stages for poster 2. Original image. Need to even out skin and ensure the blood on the fake cut looks more realistic by making it darker. Need to remove shadows on shirt, especially the very noticeable one on the left hand side. Need to align button section so it is straight and the same colour ad the bow tie Need to change the brightness, contrast and exposure to make the image more mysterious. 3. Here I began to change the hue, saturation and brightness to take away the vibrant colour of the image and make it darker and more mysterious, rather than colourful. 4. After changing the saturation more than any I decided to play with the contrast to make sure that there was the right balance in accordance to the brightness. I also the eye drop tool to select the collar area and change the colour of this as it was much darker and as I planned to remove the shadow from the shirt, I would have to brighten the collar too. 5. I then used the clone stamp tool try begin to remove the shadow on the image, I had to experiment with which areas to clone to get the best shade of white because I didnt want it to be dull but I also didnt want it to look fake and over edited. 6. I then used the spot healing to remove blemishes and red marks on the face. 7. Once I had clone stamped the shirt I then played around with saturation, colour, white balance, temperature, etc to ensure that all of the colours of the shirt worked well together and nothing looked out of place or fake. I encountered some problems at this point as getting all of this to work well together was difficult but with experimentation I was able to do it. It took me quite a few attempts to get something I was happy with. 8. Finally I put in the finishing touches of brightness and contrast to make the sure the image look presentable as a poster. I had to go back and remove the shadow a couple of times until I found a way to make it look natural and not like the previous image. 9. Now it was a case of adding the text and from my font research I chose the font Sierra Madre as I liked the 1920s look it had. I chose to put the title at the bottom because it was the most effective place and didnt interfere with the image. As it was a teaser poster I simply wanted the actors name, coming soon (instead of a date) and a quote all of which I managed to put in good spacing.